Medical School
UT Health Science Center McGovern Medical School (1982)
UT Health Science Center McGovern Medical School (1983), Internal Medicine & Psychiatry
UT Health Science Center McGovern Medical School (1985), Psychiatry
University of California at San Diego School of Medicine (1987), Biological Psychiatry


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Moclobemide in social phobia: a controlled dose-response trial.
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Are fluoxetine plasma levels related to outcome in obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Koran LM, Cain JW, Dominguez RA, Rush AJ, Thiemann S Am J Psychiatry 1996 Nov 153 11 1450-4
The effects of fluoxetine on the polysomnogram of depressed outpatients: a pilot study.
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The effects of nefazodone on sleep architecture in depression.
Armitage R, Rush AJ, Trivedi M, Cain J, Roffwarg HP, Neuropsychopharmacology 1994 Apr 10 2 123-7
Poor response to fluoxetine: underlying depression, serotonergic overstimulation, or a "therapeutic window"?
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Biological and cognitive predictors of response to acute treatment in depressed outpatients.
Rush AJ, Gullion CM, Cain JW, Roffwarg HP Clin Neuropharmacol 1992 15 Suppl 1 Pt A 576A-577A
Hypertension associated with oral administration of physostigmine in a patient with Alzheimer's disease.
Cain JW Am J Psychiatry 1986 Jul 143 7 910-2

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  • Irma Bland Award for Excellence in Teaching Residents, American Psychiatric Association
  • Best Doctors in America