Meet Dr. H. David Cook
Gynecologist in Dallas

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Dr. H. David Cook has practiced Ob/Gyn for 35 years and is dedicated to fulfilling one guiding principle of great patient care: Treat patients as you would want a family member to be treated.

Dr. Cook, a Texas Monthly Super Doctor, practiced obstetrics and gynecology for nearly 20 years before focusing exclusively on gynecology for the past 15 years. He sees female patients of all ages for preventive care and well-woman visits, and he is an expert at treating gynecological problems such as menopausal/perimenopausal issues, infections, irregular bleeding, endometriosis, and precancerous cervical changes.

Known for his calm, kind demeanor as well as his leading-edge medical knowledge, Dr. Cook often gives a new patient an anatomy lesson to help her understand what’s happening with her body.

“Many people are embarrassed to admit that they aren’t familiar with their own anatomy, so I use an anatomical model to educate new patients and to inform established ones about new findings,” he says. “I’ve found that it puts them at ease and helps them understand what I’m looking for during an exam.”

In addition to seeing patients in his office, Dr. Cook is an experienced surgeon who performs everything from simple outpatient procedures to robot-assisted hysterectomies. He attempts to treat medical problems with non-surgical options first, but when surgery is indicated, he is well trained in the latest techniques.

“We currently have medical and minimally invasive options available that allow for control of problems that in the past required major surgery,” he says.

Dr. Cook’s patients come not only from professional referrals but personal referrals as well. He says it is a joy for him to now see women that he delivered earlier in his career as new adult patients.