Meet Dr. Kevin Albuquerque
Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Specialist in Dallas

Holder of the:
Ken Sharma Professorship in Radiation Oncology

Kevin Albuquerque, M.D., has spent his career treating breast and gynecologic cancers – including cervical, uterine, vulva, and ovarian cancer.

As leader of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s gynecologic radiation oncology efforts, Dr. Albuquerque is one of the few radiation oncologists in North Texas offering specialized brachytherapy, a targeted radiation therapy that sends radiation directly to the tumor. He says it offers the best chance at preserving – or even improving – a cancer patient’s quality of life.

In quality-of-life assessments on breast cancer patients, Dr. Albuquerque found that patients who received breast brachytherapy felt better, had more energy, and had a better quality of life overall than patients who underwent traditional radiation therapy. He hopes to perform similar quality-of-life studies for different types of gynecologic cancer.

As the field of radiation oncology advances, Dr. Albuquerque says better technology is improving cancer treatments, resulting in better outcomes for patients.

At UT Southwestern, Dr. Albuquerque offers image-guided, high-dose rate brachytherapy to treat tumors in the gynecologic tract. A new technology at the intersection of imaging and the delivery of radiation, this method allows doctors to see more precisely where the radiation is going.

“Image-guided brachytherapy is changing the field of radiation oncology, making it safer and more effective” he says.

Regardless of the type of radiation therapy he uses, Dr. Albuquerque’s ultimate goal is restoring health to his patients.

“Many patients beat cancer, and that helps them change their lives for the better. When they’re given a second chance, they improve all aspects of their lives,” he says.