Dr. Kia graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 2006. He completed his internship at Oakwood Hospital, Dearborn, MI, in 2006-2007 and his residency at UT Southwestern in 2010.

He sees patients in our PMH Clinic and participates in our educational programs.


University of Michigan-Ann Arb (2001), Psychology
Medical School
University of Michigan-Dearbor (2006), Medicine

Research Interest

  • Creating and transplanting accelular nerve matrices
  • Genetic linkage and immunology of psoriasis
  • Investigating insulin therapy and tight glycemic control in the surgical intensive care unit
  • Laparoscopy versus open surgery
  • Signaling pathways and collagen remodeling following heat therapy and N-lite laser application


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Prevalence of Antigliadin Antibodies in Patients with Psoriasis is Not Elevated Compared with Controls
Kia KF, Ellis CN, Elder, JT Am J Clin Derm 2007 8(5):301-5
Academia is the life for me, I am sure
Kia KF, Ellis CN Arch Dermatol July 2006 142(7):911-3
Clinical Email in an Academic Dermatology Setting
Kia KF, Ellis CN J Am Acad Dermatol June 2006 54(6):1019-24
Laparoscopic Versus Open Surgical Approach For Intussusception Requiring Operative Intervention
Kia KF, Mony VK, Drongowski RA, et al J Pediatr Surg 2005 40:281-4
Mechanical Properties of Acellular Peripheral Nerve
Borschel GH, Kia KF, Kuzon WM, Dennis RG J Surg Res 2003 114:133-9

Honors & Awards

  • Magna cum laude
    University of Michigan Medical School (2006)
  • William B. Taylor Excellence in Dermatology Award
    University of Michigan Medical School (2006)
  • Deans Award for Clinical Excellence
    University of Michigan Medical School (2005)
  • Medical Student Research Achievement Award
    American College of Rheumatology (2005)
  • AOA
    University of Michigan Medical School (2004)