Medical School
St. George's University School of Medicine, West Indies (2004)
University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine (2005), Pediatrics
University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine (2007), Pediatrics
UT Southwestern/Children's Medical Center (2010), Pediatric Cardiology

Research Interest

  • Echocardiographic prediction of spontaneous closure of the ductus arteriosus in neonates less than 30 weeks gestation


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Anomalous left pulmonary artery origin from internal carotid artery: prospective echocardiographic diagnosis of a previously unknown variant.
Thankavel PP, Martho LC, Zeltser I Cardiol Young 2015 Mar 1-4
Utility and Importance of New Echocardiographic Screening Methods in Diagnosis of Anomalous Coronary Origins in the Pediatric Population: Assessment of Quality Improvement.
Thankavel PP, Lemler MS, Ramaciotti C Pediatr Cardiol 2014 Aug
Double-Outlet Right Atrium Associated with Hypoplastic Right Heart Structures and Aortic Stenosis: Echocardiographic Features.
Thankavel PP, Gabbert B, Ramaciotti C Echocardiography 2014 Mar
Unruptured Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm in a Neonate with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: Echocardiographic Diagnosis and Features.
Thankavel PP, Lemler MS, Ramaciotti C Echocardiography 2013 Dec
Elevated troponin levels in previously healthy children: value of diagnostic modalities and the importance of a drug screen.
Thankavel PP, Mir A, Ramaciotti C Cardiol Young 2013 Mar 1-7
High-Takeoff Single Coronary Artery With Intramural Course in Truncus Arteriosus: Prospective Echocardiographic Identification.
Thankavel PP, Brown PS, Nugent AW Pediatr Cardiol 2013 Jan
Left-dominant double aortic arch in critical pulmonary stenosis and ventricular septal defect.
Thankavel PP, Brown PS, Lemler MS Pediatr Cardiol 2012 Dec 33 8 1469-71
Anomalous Left Main Coronary Artery Origin From the Right Sinus of Valsalva: A Novel Echocardiographic Screening Method.
Thankavel PP, Balakrishnan PL, Lemler MS, Ramaciotti C Pediatr Cardiol 2012 Oct
Imaging the coronary artery: is it really normal? How to avoid common echocardiographic pitfalls.
Thankavel PP, Brown PS, Carron HD, Ramaciotti C Circ Cardiovasc Imaging 2012 May 5 3 415-8
A Neonate with Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and Transient Retrograde Flow in the Aortic Arch.
Thankavel PP, Ramaciotti C, Lemler MS Pediatric cardiology 2011 Apr

Honors & Awards

  • Texas Super Doctors
    Texas Monthly Magazine (2015-2017)
  • Excellence in Research
    UT Southwestern Medical Center (2010)
  • Young Investigator Travel Award
    American Academy of Pediatrics (2010)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Society of Echocardiography (2010)