Dr. Skinner was named Chief of the Division of Behavioral & Communication Sciences in the Department of Clinical Sciences, and Associate Director of Population Research & Cancer Control for the Simmons Cancer Center in the spring of 2007. This appointment followed her tenure as Associate Director for Population Research and Interim Director of Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Research Program in Cancer Prevention, Detection & Control. Dr. Skinner received her MA in Communications Research from the Wheaton Graduate School and PhD in Health Behavior from the University of North Carolina School of Public Health.

Prior to her move to UT Southwestern, Dr. Skinner was a member of the Siteman Cancer Center of Washington University in St. Louis (1993-1998) and the Indiana University Simons Cancer Center (1991-1993).

Dr. Skinner’s research interest focuses on communications interventions to promote health behavior change, especially using computer-tailored interventions (CTIs). She was a member of the National Cancer Institute’s first Working Group on CTIs in 1994 and is Co-chair of the NCI’s newly established Research Group for Disseminating CTIs for integration into public health and clinical practice. Her extramural service has included membership on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Breast Cancer Screening Panel, the North Carolina Advisory Committee on Cancer Control, and charter membership on the NIH’s Community-Level Health Promotion Study Section. She is an author of the upcoming second edition of the textbook, Tailoring Health Messages: Customizing Communication with Computer Technology.


Graduate School
Wheaton College , Communications
Graduate School
University of North Carolina A (1991)


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

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Honors & Awards

  • Phi Beta Kappa