University of Texas-Austin (1972), Pharmacy
Graduate School
University of Texas-Austin (1975), Pharmacology
Graduate School
Vanderbilt University (1981), Pharmacology


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Warning letters to sponsor-investigators at academic health centres - the regulatory "canaries in a coal mine"
O'Reilly EK, Blair Holbein ME, Berglund JP, Parrish AB, Roth MT, Burnett BK. Clin Invest Med 2013 36 6 E290-6
Exercise-associated collapse in cyclists is unrelated to endotoxemia.
Moore GE, Holbein ME, Knochel JP Med Sci Sports Exerc 1995 Sep 27 9 1238-42
Cost-effectiveness of monoclonal antibodies to gram-negative endotoxin in the treatment of gram-negative sepsis in ICU patients.
Chalfin DB, Holbein ME, Fein AM, Carlon GC JAMA 1993 Jan 269 2 249-54
Comparison of markers used in the assessment of glomerular filtration rate (GFR)
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Cephalosporin confusion--one simple solution?
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Intraventricular hemorrhage and vitamin E in the very low-birth-weight infant: evidence for efficacy of early intramuscular vitamin E administration.
Speer ME, Blifeld C, Rudolph AJ, Chadda P, Holbein ME, Hittner HM Pediatrics 1984 Dec 74 6 1107-12

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