Dr. Klein grew up in NYC, worked in many fields which included sailing on traditional sailing vessels and teaching experiencial education before settling down into medicine.  She started out as a wilderness medicine EMT and eventially became the chief flight paramedic for an active helicopter system in Rochester, NY before going on to medical school.  Residency took her to Detroit, MI which lead her to do a fellowship in WMD/Disaster Medicine/EMS.  Since then she has been involved with various deployments in the US for disaster responses and works to educate prehospital and hospital personnel in disaster medicine both through lecturing nationally and abroad, but also through publishing in disaster periodicals.  She is not only interested in the response portion of a disaster, but the psychosocial part of it as well.  


Medical School
St. George's University School of Medicine (1999)
Wayne State University (2003), Emergency Medicine
Wayne State University (2006), Emergency Medical Services

Research Interest

  • Disaster, triage, global health
  • EMS


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Traumatic cardiac arrests - the action or the provider, what makes the difference?
Klein KR Crit Care 2013 Jun 17 3 156
Attributes of effective disaster responders: focus group discussions with key emergency response leaders.
King RV, North CS, Larkin GL, Downs DL, Klein KR, Fowler RL, Swienton RE, Pepe PE Disaster Med Public Health Prep 2010 Dec 4 4 332-8
H1N1: communication patterns among emergency department staff during the H1N1 outbreak, April 2009.
Klein KR, Cohen H, Baseluos C, Marshall J, Likourezos A, Jain A, Davidson S Prehosp Disaster Med 2010 Jul-Aug 25 4 296-301
Editorial comments-disaster response to the release of biohazardous agents: instrument development and evaluation of firefighter's exercise.
Klein KR Prehosp Disaster Med 2009 May-Jun 24 3 204-5
Evolving need for alternative triage management in public health emergencies: a Hurricane Katrina case study.
Klein KR, Pepe PE, Burkle FM, Nagel NE, Swienton RE Disaster Med Public Health Prep 2008 Sep 2 Suppl 1 S40-4
Mass medical evacuation: Hurricane Katrina and nursing experiences at the New Orleans airport.
Klein KR, Nagel NE Disaster Manag Response 2007 Apr-Jun 5 2 56-61
Demand for poison control center services "surged" during the 2003 blackout.
Klein KR, Herzog P, Smolinske S, White SR Clin Toxicol (Phila) 2007 45 3 248-54
Blackout 2003: preparedness and lessons learned from the perspectives of four hospitals.
Klein KR, Rosenthal MS, Klausner HA Prehosp Disaster Med 2005 Sep-Oct 20 5 343-9
The use of trained observers as an evaluation tool for a multi-hospital bioterrorism exercise.
Klein KR, Brandenburg DC, Atas JG, Maher A Prehosp Disaster Med 2005 May-Jun 20 3 159-63
Testing emergency medical personnel response to patients with suspected infectious disease.
Klein KR, Atas JG, Collins J Prehosp Disaster Med 2004 Jul-Sep 19 3 256-65

Honors & Awards

  • Bikur Cholim
    Medical Service Award (2009)
  • Citation from the State Senate of NY
    Medical Service Award (2009)
  • Citation from the Governor of Texas for work during Hurricane Katrina
    Exemplary medical work during Hurricane Katrina (2005)
  • Citation from the Mayor of Dallas
    Exemplary medical work during Hurricane Katrina (2005)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Wayne State University (2000-2005)