Dr Metzger completed a seven-year Bachelor/MD program from UC Riverside and UCLA before completing his residency at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina. It was during his residency that he became interested in tactical medicine, working with the Durham Police Department SWAT team. He then came to UT Southwestern for the Government Emergency Medical Security Services (GEMSS) fellowship in 2005. After completing his fellowship he became medical director for the Dallas Police Department and continued providing medical support for the Dallas Police SWAT Team. In April 2010 he became a sworn police officer and continues to serve in the Dallas Police Department Reserve Battalion. He also serves as a medical director for the Parkland Emergency Department and the Urgent Care ED and is currently pursuing his MBA through a joint program between UT Southwestern and UT Dallas.


Medical School
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Medical Center (2002)
Duke University Medical Center (2005), Emergency Medicine
UT Southwestern Medical School (2007), Government Emergency Medicine Security Services


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

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