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Jinming Gao received BSc in Chemistry from Peking University in 1991. He carried out graduate studies under George M. Whitesides at Harvard and received a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry in 1996. Following PhD, he completed postdoctoral training in Biomedical Engineering under Robert S. Langer at MIT.

In 1998, Dr. Gao joined the faculty of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. He was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2004. In 2005, Dr. Gao moved his lab to UT Southwestern, where he is currently a Professor of Oncology, Pharmacology and Otolaryngology. Dr. Gao's lab pioneers the understanding and implementation of molecular cooperativity principles to improve the precision of medicine.  The lab-invented proton transistor sensor has completed Phase I clinical trials in cancer surgery with an upcoming pan-tumor phase II trial in 2019.  Dr. Gao has served as the past chair of the Gene and Drug Delivery study section, and is a member of the Advisory Council to the Center for Scientific Review at the National Institutes of Health.


Peking University , Chemistry
Graduate School
Harvard University (1996)

Research Interest

  • Acidotic transistor medicine
  • Molecular cooperativity in nanomedicine design
  • Precision cancer imaging and surgery
  • STING vaccine and nano-immuno-oncology


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Honors & Awards

  • Distinguished Scientist Award
    Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine (2011)
  • Distinguished Overseas Young Scientist
    National Natural Science Foundation of China (2007)