Shahed Badiyan, M.D., Associate Professor, is Director of Clinical Adaptive Therapy and part of our GI and lung disease-oriented teams. Dr. Badiyan earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and medical degree from UT Southwestern Medical School. Following that, he did an internship at John Peter Smith Hospital, residency in radiation oncology at Washington University School of Medicine, Barnes Jewish Hospital, and proton therapy fellowship at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland.

Dr. Badiyan joined UT Southwestern from Washington University School of Medicine, Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center where he served as Associate Professor and Associate Medical Director for Clinical Research.


Medical School
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2009)
John Peter Smith Hospital (2010), Transitional Year
Washington University School of Medicine (2014), Radiation Oncology
Other Post Graduate Training
Paul Scherrer Institute, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Center for Proton Therapy (2015)


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