Dr. Ren’s current research interest is in skeletal muscle energetics and metabolism.  Using non-invasive MRS (1H/13C/31P) techniques, Dr. Ren measures metabolites and their dynamics in resting and activated human muscles, and explores how muscle handles its substrates and metabolites. This fascinating research field integrates NMR physics, physiology, biomechanics and biochemistry.  Working with Drs. Malloy and Sherry, Dr. Ren’s studies focus on answering fundamental questions such as how different metabolic pathways interact and how various metabolites exchange among different cellular compartments and tissues so that energy demand is met while homeostasis is maintained,  as well as identifying the differences between the healthy and the diseased or aged muscles.


Dalian University of Tech (1983), Physics
Graduate School
Chinese Academy of Sciences-Ch (1991), Chemistry

Research Interest

  • in vivo MR spectroscopy
  • Skeletal muscle metabolism


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Orientation of lipid strands in the extracellular compartment of muscle: Effect on quantitation of intramyocellular lipids
Khuu, Anthony; Ren, Jimin; Dimitrov, Ivan; Woessner Donald; Murdoch, James; Sherry, A. Dean; Malloy, Craig R. Magn Reson Med, 2009 61(1) 16-21
Imaging the tissue distribution of glucose in livers using PARACEST sensor
Ren, Jimin; Trokowski, Robert; Zhang, Shanrong; Malloy, Craig R.; Sherry, A. Magn Reson Med, 2008 2008 60(5) 1047-55
Composition of adipose tissue and marrow fat in humans by 1H NMR at 7 Tesla
Ren, Jimin; Dimitrov, Ivan; Sherry, A. Dean; Malloy, Craig R. J Lipid Res, 2008 49(9) 2055-62
MRI detection of glycogen in vivo by using chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging (glycoCEST).
van Zijl PC, Jones CK, Ren J, Malloy CR, Sherry AD. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 104(11) 165-76