Ruth Levitz, Ph.D., is a graduate of the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University. She completed her postdoctoral studies at the Public Health Research Institute, Newark, New Jersey.

Dr. Levitz's research interests include studying phenotypic differences among naturally circulating respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) isolates. Her study involves screening, purifying and identifying multiple phenotypic differences among those RSV isolates as well as uncovering the genetic basis for these differences. She is also exploring whether genetic variation between clinical isolates corresponds to different capacities to elicit innate immune responses in human pulmonary epithelial cells, which results in different patterns of cytokine expression upon RSV infection.


Hebrew University - Israel (1973)
Graduate School
Hebrew University - Israel (1975)
Graduate School
Unlisted - International Colle (1987)

Research Interest

  • Cellular responses to RSV infection
  • Drug discovery
  • Recombinant negative stand RNA viruses
  • Respiratory syncytial virus


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Tuning the Gold Nanoparticle Colorimetric Assay by Nanoparticle Size, Concentration, and Size Combinations for Oligonucleotide Detection.
Godakhindi VS, Kang P, Serre M, Revuru NA, Zou JM, Roner MR, Levitz R, Kahn JS, Randrianalisoa J, Qin Z ACS Sens 2017 Oct
Distinct patterns of innate immune activation by clinical isolates of respiratory syncytial virus.
Levitz R, Gao Y, Dozmorov I, Song R, Wakeland EK, Kahn JS PLoS ONE 2017 12 9 e0184318
Induction of IL-6 and CCL5 (RANTES) in human respiratory epithelial (A549) cells by clinical isolates of respiratory syncytial virus is strain specific.
Levitz R, Wattier R, Phillips P, Solomon A, Lawler J, Lazar I, Weibel C, Kahn JS Virol. J. 2012 9 190
Introduction to the AfCS Antibody Database: Tabulation of Our Experience with Commercially Available Antibodies.
Han H, Fulin B, Sorrells L, Levitz R, Sinkovits R, and Mumby S. AfCS Research Reports 2003 1(7); doi: 10 1038
Cytotoxic hammerhead ribozymes.
Levitz R, Dong Y, Wang JY, Jeng SW, Chen CR, Wang JW, Zhao X, Zhou J, Lu T, Drlica K Antisense Nucleic Acid Drug Dev. 1999 Apr 9 2 117-23
Degradation of hammerhead ribozymes by human ribonucleases.
Qiu L, Moreira A, Kaplan G, Levitz R, Wang JY, Xu C, Drlica K Mol. Gen. Genet. 1998 May 258 4 352-62
In vivo decay kinetic parameters of hammerhead ribozymes.
Sioud M, Opstad A, Zhao JQ, Levitz R, Benham C, Drlica K Nucleic Acids Res. 1994 Dec 22 25 5571-5
Construction of a Synechocystis PCC6803 mutant suitable for the study of variant hexadecameric ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase enzymes.
Amichay D, Levitz R, Gurevitz M Plant Mol. Biol. 1993 Nov 23 3 465-76


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Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Infectious Diseases Society of America (2011)