Dr. Garrett is an Honors graduate from UT-Austin with a BA in English. After graduation, he worked in the business world for 18 years, arranging financing on large commercial real estate projects. He enjoyed a successful business career and then went to medical school at UT Southwestern. This career change was prompted by a desire to pursue a vocation dedicated to helping others. Dr. Garrett believes his experience in the business world provides him a unique window through which to view psychiatric issues affecting the working professional. Dr. Garrett’s interests in psychiatry include:

  • helping others live more successfully through the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric problems.
  • management of psychiatric medications.
  • psychotherapy.
  • evaluation and treatment of dementia.
  • working with the elderly and their families.
  • teaching medical students and residents Dr. Garrett recently completed a two-year course in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, which was sponsored by the Dallas Psychoanalytic Institute, UT Southwestern Medical School and other local psychotherapy organizations.


University of Texas-Austin (1976), English
Medical School
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2000), Medicine