Dr. Judy Lee is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine.  She earned her undergraduate degree in English and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from the University of California Los Angeles.  Before attending medical school she completed 2 years of basic science research in the laboratory of Dr. Amy Lovett-Racke.  She attended medical school and completed her pediatric residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.  She has remained on staff as an attending physician at UT Southwestern and Children’s Medical Center Dallas since 2011.  She became board certified in Pediatric Hospital Medicine in 2019 as part of the inaugural class in this newly recognized sub-specialty field.  She currently cares for patients at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, as well as oversees clinical operations for the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine.    

Her goal is to provide quality individualized care for patients every day in her clinical practice.  She is passionate about quality improvement and streamlining clinical operations. After serving as the Lead Hospitalist at Children’s Medical Center in Plano, she currently leads the clinical operations for the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. In her leadership role, she serves on multiple committees dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of delivery of care including the PHM Dallas Leadership Committee, Weekly Hospital Medicine Intake Presentation Meeting (Co-Moderator) and Events Oversight Committe. Dr. Lee was recently elected as a Medical Representative for CMC Plano Medical Executive committee (2019-2020). Additionally, she is a member of Children’s Dallas Credentials Committee. She is currently the site leader for the American Academy of Pediatrics Value in Pediatrics (VIP) Network “Better Antibiotic Selection in Children”, a nationwide collaborative quality improvement initiative to improve antibiotic use in common pediatric diagnoses.


Medical School
UT Southwestern Medical School (2008)
UT Southwestern/Children's Medical Center (2009), Pediatrics
UT Southwestern/Children's Medical Center (2011), Pediatrics


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

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Honors & Awards

  • College Honors
    University of California, Los Angeles (2001)
  • Ahmanson Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Academy of Pediatrics (2008)
  • American Medical Association (2008)
  • Dallas County Medical Society (2012)
  • Texas Medical Association (2008)