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Michael Rubin, MD, MA is a critical care neurologist and clinical ethicist.  After completition of his critical care training at Washington University in St Louis, he completed a masters in bioethics and health policy from Loyola Chicago.  He directs the Quality and Safety Conference of the department of Neurolgy, chairs the UT Southwestern Clinical Ethics Committee, and is a national leader in clinical neuroethics, including lead auhtorship on ethics positon statements for the American Academy of Neurology.


Medical School
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center School of Medicine (2004)
John Peter Smith Hospital (2005), Transitional Year
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2008), Neurology
Washington University School of Medicine (2010), Neurocritical Care
Graduate School
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine (2012), Bioethics

Research Interest

  • Clinical Neuroethics; brain death, coma, prognosis and decision-making
  • Medically Ineffective and Potentially Inappropriate Treatments
  • Quality and Safety and the Professional Experience


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Determination of Death by Neurologic Criteria in the United States: The Case for Revising the Uniform Determination of Death Act.
Lewis A, Bonnie RJ, Pope T, Epstein LG, Greer DM, Kirschen MP, Rubin M, Russell JA, J Law Med Ethics 2019 Dec 47 4_suppl 9-24
An interdisciplinary response to contemporary concerns about brain death determination.
Lewis A, Bernat JL, Blosser S, Bonnie RJ, Epstein LG, Hutchins J, Kirschen MP, Rubin M, Russell JA, Sattin JA, Wijdicks EFM, Greer DM Neurology 2018 Feb 90 9 423-426
Transfusion of Blood Products in the Neurocritical Care Unit: An Exploration of Rationing and Futility.
Malaiyandi DP, Henderson GV, Rubin MA Neurocrit Care 2017 Dec
What to Do When There Aren't Enough Beds in the PICU.
Rubin MA, Truog RD AMA J Ethics 2017 Feb 19 2 157-163
The Patient and Family Perioperative Experience During Transfer of Care: A Qualitative Inquiry.
Stutzman SE, Olson DM, Greilich PE, Abdulkadir K, Rubin MA AORN J 2017 Feb 105 2 193-202