Dr. Nakada is originally from Japan and received his Ph.D. at Osaka University.


Unlisted - International Colle (1995), Science
Graduate School
Osaka University - Japan (2000), Science
Graduate School
(2016), Life Sciences

Research Interest

  • Cardiac Regeneration and Hypertrophy


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Hypoxia induces heart regeneration in adult mice.
Nakada Y, Canseco DC, Thet S, Abdisalaam S, Asaithamby A, Santos CX, Shah A, Zhang H, Faber JE, Kinter MT, Szweda LI, Xing C, Deberardinis R, Oz O, Lu Z, Zhang CC, Kimura W, Sadek HA Nature 2016 Oct
Defining the Limit of Embryonic Heart Regeneration.
Nakada Y, Kimura W, Sadek HA Circulation 2015 Jul 132 2 77-8