Dr. Zafereo is a fellow in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists, and a board certified clinical specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. He practices clinically within an interdisciplinary pain program at the Eugene McDermott Center for Pain Management at UTSW. Additionally, he is an educator within the entry-level and post-professional physical therapy programs at UTSW. Dr. Zafereo serves as the Director of Research for the Department of Physical Therapy at UTSW. His has published numerous articles on the evaluation and management of low back pain, and is developing a new line of research utilizing quantitative sensory testing to improve the evaluation and management of chronic pain. 


Undergraduate School
Baylor University (1999)
Graduate School
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2001)
The Manual Therapy Institute (2007), Physical Therapy
Graduate School
Texas Woman's University (2015), Physical Therapy

Research Interest

  • Chronic pain
  • Manual Therapy
  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Assessment of Abdominal Muscle Thickness in Postpartum Women Who Have Undergone Cesarean Section as Compared to Vaginal Births: A Pilot Study
Brizzolara, K, Wang-Price, S, Zafereo, J. Journal of Women?s Health Physical Therapy 2019 1 43 22-27
The effects of dry needling and slump tensioners on idiopathic neuropathy: a case report
Nasr, A, Zafereo, J. Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies 2019 2 23 306-310
Effects of tactile feedback on lumbar multifidus muscle activity in asymptomatic healthy adults and patients with low back pain.
Wang-Price S, Zafereo J, Brizzolara K, Anderson E, J Bodyw Mov Ther 2018 Oct 22 4 956-962
Treatment of drug-resistant fibromyalgia symptoms using high-intensity laser therapy: a case-based review.
White PF, Zafereo J, Elvir-Lazo OL, Hernandez H Rheumatol. Int. 2018 Mar 38 3 517-523
Regional manual therapy and motor control exercise for chronic low back pain: A randomized clinical trial
Zafereo, J, Wang-Price, S, Roddey, T, Brizzolara, K. JMMT 2018 4 26 193-202
Effects of different verbal instructions on change of lumbar multifidus muscle thickness in asymptomatic adults and in patients with low back pain.
Wang-Price S, Zafereo J, Brizzolara K, Sokolowski L, Turner D J Man Manip Ther 2017 Feb 25 1 22-29
Immediate and lasting effects of a thoracic spine manipulation in a patient with signs of cervical radiculopathy and upper extremity hyperalgesia: A case report.
Deschenes BK, Zafereo J Physiother Theory Pract 2016 12 1-7
Reliability and Comparison of Spinal End-Range Motion Assessment Using a Skin-Surface Device in Participants With and Without Low Back Pain.
Zafereo J, Wang-Price S, Brown J, Carson E J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2016 Jul-Aug 39 6 434-42
The Role of Spinal Manipulation in Modifying Central Sensitization
Zafereo JA, Deschenes BK JABR 2015 20 2
Hip Stiffness Patterns in Lumbar Flexion or Extension-Based Movement Syndromes.
Zafereo J, Devanna R, Mulligan E, Wang-Price S Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2014 Oct


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Honors & Awards

  • SSHP Research Recognition Award
  • SSHP Outstanding Faculty Award, Department of Physical Therapy
  • SSHP Outstanding Faculty Award, Department of Physical Therapy
  • SSHP Distinguished Teacher Award for Excellence in Teaching

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists
  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • Texas Physical Therapy Association