Research Interest

  • Biomechanics
  • Diabetic foot
  • Medical device design
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Wound healing


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

A Biomechanical Examination of Prefabricated Total Contact Cast Kits: Relevance to Patients With Diabetic Neuropathy.
Ersen A, Lavery LA, Monga A, Richardson M, Schwarz B, Quiben MU, Garrett AG, Flyzik M, Wukich DK, Yavuz M, Int J Low Extrem Wounds 2020 Mar 1534734620914440
What is the most durable construct for a forefoot amputation, traditional transmetatarsal amputation or a medial ray sparing procedure?
Lavery LA, Crisologo PA, Yavuz M, Ann Transl Med 2019 Mar 7 Suppl 1 S47
Plantar Shear Stress in Individuals With a History of Diabetic Foot Ulcer: An Emerging Predictive Marker for Foot Ulceration.
Yavuz M, Ersen A, Hartos J, Schwarz B, Garrett AG, Lavery LA, Wukich DK, Adams LS, Diabetes Care 2017 02 40 2 e14-e15
Association Between Plantar Temperatures and Triaxial Stresses in Individuals With Diabetes.
Yavuz M, Brem RW, Glaros AG, Garrett A, Flyzik M, Lavery L, Davis BL, Hilario H, Adams LS, Diabetes Care 2015 Nov 38 11 e178-9
Temperature as a predictive tool for plantar triaxial loading.
Yavuz M, Brem RW, Davis BL, Patel J, Osbourne A, Matassini MR, Wood DA, Nwokolo IO, J Biomech 2014 Nov 47 15 3767-70
Plantar shear stress distribution in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: relevance to foot pain.
Yavuz M, Husni E, Botek G, Davis BL, J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 2010 Jul-Aug 100 4 265-9

Honors & Awards

  • Clinical Scholar
    UTSW (2016)
  • Marvin Levin Scholarship
    American Diabetes Association (2016)
  • Clinical Biomechanics Award, American Society of Biomechanics
  • Young Scientist Award
    American Society of Biomechanics (2012)
  • Cleveland Clinic Graduate Student Fellowship Award