University of Oklahoma Norman (1999)
Graduate School
UT Southwestern Medical Center (2006)

Research Interest

  • Basic Radiation Biology
  • Cellular Response to DNA Damage
  • Intrinsic and Tumor/Cancer Radioresponses
  • The Role of Aberrant DNA Repair and Signaling in Cancer Etiology
  • The Role of the DNA-PK Complex in the Cellular Response to DNA Damage


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Mechanism of efficient double-strand break repair by a long non-coding RNA.
Thapar R, Wang JL, Hammel M, Ye R, Liang K, Sun C, Hnizda A, Liang S, Maw SS, Lee L, Villarreal H, Forrester I, Fang S, Tsai MS, Blundell TL, Davis AJ, Lin C, Lees-Miller SP, Strick TR, Tainer JA, Nucleic Acids Res 2020 Dec
HORMAD1 is a negative prognostic indicator in lung adenocarcinoma and specifies resistance to oxidative and genotoxic stress.
Nichols BA, Oswald NW, McMillan EA, McGlynn K, Yan J, Kim MS, Saha J, Mallipeddi PL, LaDuke SA, Villalobos PA, Rodriguez-Canales J, Wistuba II, Posner BA, Davis AJ, Minna JD, MacMillan JB, Whitehurst AW Cancer Res. 2018 Sep
The Role of the Core Non-Homologous End Joining Factors in Carcinogenesis and Cancer.
Sishc BJ, Davis AJ Cancers (Basel) 2017 Jul 9 7
Carbon Ion Radiotherapy: A Review of Clinical Experiences and Preclinical Research, with an Emphasis on DNA Damage/Repair.
Mohamad O, Sishc BJ, Saha J, Pompos A, Rahimi A, Story MD, Davis AJ, Kim DWN Cancers (Basel) 2017 Jun 9 6