Board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation with clinical and research interests in geriatric patient population


Medical School
University College Cork School of Medicine (1987)
Medical School
University of Dublin, Trinity College (1994)
Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education (1995), Medicine
Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education (1998), Pain Management & Rehabilitation

Research Interest

  • Geriatric rehabilitation


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Studies on haemagglutination and serum resistance status of strains of Moraxella catarrhalis isolated from the elderly.
Murphy S, Fitzgerald M, Mulcahy R, Keane C, Coakley D, Scott T Gerontology 1997 43 5 277-82
Haemagglutination properties of Moraxella (Branhamella) catarrhalis.
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Bone aluminium content in Alzheimer's disease.
O'Mahony D, Denton J, Templar J, O'Hara M, Day JP, Murphy S, Walsh JB, Coakley D Dementia 1995 Mar-Apr 6 2 69-72
Tetanus immunity in elderly people.
Murphy SM, Hegarty DM, Feighery CS, Walsh JB, Williams Y, Coakley DP Age Ageing 1995 Mar 24 2 99-102
The bactericidal effect of normal human serum on Moraxella catarrhalis
Murphy SM, Scott T, Keane CT, et al. Age and Ageing 1994 Suppl 1 23 9
Colonisation with Moraxella catarrhalis - a seasonal phenomenon?
Murphy SM, Scott T, Keane CT, et al. Irish Journal of Medical Science 1994 2 163 51
The epidemiology of Moraxella catarrhalis respiratory tract infection in an Irish hospital
Murphy SM, Scott T, Keane CT, et al. Irish Journal of Medical Science 1994 2 163 52
Management of respiratory infections in the elderly.
Murphy S, Walsh B Ir Med J 1993 Jul-Aug 86 4 111
Respiratory Tract Infections in the Elderly
Murphy SM Irish Doctor 1993 2 36-42
Comparative beta-lactimase activity among isolates of Moraxella catarrhalis from symptomatic and asymptomatic elderly
Murphy SM, Hegarty V, Scott T, et al. Age and Ageing 1993 Suppl 3 22 20


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

Infections of the Airways and Lungs. In Drug Therapy in Old Age

Murphy S, Coakley D (1994). John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

Honors & Awards

  • Research Enrichment Program for Physiatrists Scholarship
  • Ferguson Anderson Prize
    Presented by the British Geriatric Society for best poster presentation (1993)
  • Presidential Medal of the Irish Gerontological Society
    Presented by the society for best oral presentation (1993)
  • Denis O'Sullivan Medal
    Presented by the Department of Medicine, Cork Regional Hospital, for best presentation (1990)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • American Medical Association
  • Association of Academic Physiatrists
  • Dallas County Medical Society
  • Texas Medical Association