Medical School
Unlisted - International Colle (1989), Medicine
Graduate School
Tongji Medical University (1992), Medicine
Graduate School
Tongji Medical University (1996), Medicine

Research Interest

  • Ca2+ signaling and its transduction pathway
  • Effects and regulation of ion transport in epithelial cells


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Mitochondrial aberrations in mucolipidosis type IV.
Jennings JJ Jr, Zhu JH, Rbaibi Y, Luo X, Chu CT, Kiselyov K J Biol Chem October 2006 [Epub ahead of print]
Regulation of the P2X7 receptor permeability to large molecules by extracellular Cl- and Na+.
Li Q, Luo X, Muallem S J Biol Chem July 2005 280(29) 26922-7
Aberrant localization of intracellular organelles, Ca2+ signaling, and exocytosis in Mist1 null mice.
Luo X, Shin DM, Wang X, Konieczny SF, Muallem S J Biol Chem April 2005 280(13) 12668-75
Critical role of PIP5KIγ87 in InsP3-mediated Ca2+ signaling.
Wang YJ, Li WH, Wang J, Xu K, Dong P, Luo X, Yin HL J Cell Biol December 2004 167(6) 1005-10
Functional mapping of Ca2+ signaling complexes in plasma membrane microdomains of polarized cells.
Li Q, Luo X, Muallem S J Biol Chem July 2004 279(27) 27837-40

Honors & Awards

  • 1993-1996
    Tongji Medical University Scholarship (0)
  • 1995
    Prestigious Award for Ph.D. Students, Tongji Medical University (0)
  • 1996
    Outstanding Postgraduate Award, Tongji Medical University (0)
  • 1998-2005
    Editorial Board, Journal of China Pharmacy (0)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  • The American Physiologcal Society
  • The Chinese Pharmacological Society