Medical School
UT Southwestern Medical School (2002)
Advocate Christ Medical Center (2005), Emergency Medicine


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Congruency of disposition after emergency department intubation in a regional database.
Kerem Y, Omi EC, Kulstad CE, Kulstad EB Ann Emerg Med 2015 Feb 65 2 232-3
A Survey of Handoff Practices in Emergency Medicine.
Kessler C, Shakeel F, Hern HG, Jones JS, Comes J, Kulstad C, Gallahue FA, Burns BD, Knapp BJ, Gang M, Davenport M, Osborne B, Velez LI Am J Med Qual 2013 Sep
An algorithm for transition of care in the emergency department.
Kessler C, Shakeel F, Gene Hern H, Jones JS, Comes J, Kulstad C, Gallahue FA, Burns BD, Knapp BJ, Gang M, Davenport M, Osborne B, Velez LI Acad Emerg Med 2013 Jun 20 6 605-10
Assessing patient care: summary of the breakout group on assessment of observable learner performance.
Takayesu JK, Kulstad C, Wallenstein J, Gallahue F, Gordon D, Leone K, Kessler C Acad Emerg Med 2012 Dec 19 12 1379-89
The implementation of therapeutic hypothermia in the emergency department: a multi-institution case review.
Joseph D, Johnson SW, Joseph M, Seif D, Zareh M, Barnes D, Elliot A, Kochert E, Kulstad C, Nelson M, Riguzzi C, Slattery D, Henderson SO Ther Hypothermia Temp Manag 2012 Sep 2 3 138-43
Comparison of severity of illness scoring systems in the prediction of hospital mortality in severe sepsis and septic shock.
Crowe CA, Kulstad EB, Mistry CD, Kulstad CE J Emerg Trauma Shock 2010 Oct 3 4 342-7
Therapeutic hypothermia protocol in a community emergency department.
Kulstad CE, Holt SC, Abrahamsen AA, Lovell EO West J Emerg Med 2010 Sep 11 4 367-72
Dizzy and confused: a step-by-step evaluation of the clinician's favorite chief complaint.
Kulstad C, Hannafin B Emerg. Med. Clin. North Am. 2010 Aug 28 3 453-69
Evaluation of a modified early goal-directed therapy protocol.
Crowe CA, Mistry CD, Rzechula K, Kulstad CE Am J Emerg Med 2010 Jul 28 6 689-93
Clinicopathological conference: a 42-year-old woman with respiratory distress, abdominal pain, and hypertension.
Kulstad C, D'Amore J Acad Emerg Med 2005 May 12 5 453-60


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Honors & Awards

  • Robert J. Doherty, MD, FACEP Teaching Fellowship Scholarship
    This scholarship covers tuition for the EMF/ACEP Teaching Fellowship, an intensive course in faculty development. (2007)

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  • CORD-EM (2008-2018)
  • ACEP (2006-2018)
  • SAEM (2006-2018)