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Research Interest

  • Community Health
  • Transfusion transmitted infection


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Glycated hemoglobin in 14,850 adolescent blood donors: a pilot screening program
Gore MO, Eason SJ, Ayers CR, Turer A, Khera A, de Lemos JA, McGuire DK, Sayers M Diabetes Care 2014 1 37 e3-4
Screening for babesiosis: where is the policy?
Katz LM, Sayers M Transfusion 2014 9 54 2154-6
Concerning iron balance in blood donors
Sayers M, Centilli J Transfusion 2014 11 54 3010-3
Contemplating the effect on blood availability if the inter-donation interval of 56 days is prolonged
Sayers M, Centilli J Transfusion 2013 53 1132-1136
Fresh blood or old blood? How shall we manage the inventories?
Sayers M Transfusion 2013 53 3032-3035
The aging of the donor base
Sayers M, Centilli J Transfusion 2012 52 2712-2722
What if shelf life becomes a consideration in ordering red blood cells?
Sayers M, Centilli J Transfusion 2012 Volume 52 January 201-206
Experience with routine total nonfasting blood cholesterol screening of volunteer blood and component donors
Eason S, Goudar S, Centilli J, Sayers M Transfusion 2011 Volume 51 April 2011 731-736
Reforming health care will require a new delivery paradigm in transfusion medicine
Popovsky M, Sayers M, Ness P, Foote S Transfusion 2010 Volume 50 October 2277-2280
The Rapa Nui caveat
Sayers M Transfusion 2009 Volume 49 February 385-387

Honors & Awards

  • President
    America's Blood Centers (2003)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Association of Blood Banks
  • America's Blood Centers, Executive Committee (2001-2007)
  • California Blood Bank Society
  • King County Medical Society