Professional name: Natalia V Gounko

2024-present Associate Professor and Director of Electron Microscopy Core Facility, Department of Cell Biology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA

2015-2023 Assistant Professor, Head of Electron Microscopy Core facility, Department of Neuroscience KU Leuven and VIB Center for Brain & Disease Research, Leuven, Belgium

2012-2015 Staff scientist, Manager of Electron Microscopy Unit, Joint IMCB-IMB EM Suite, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology/Institute of Medical Biology, A*Star, Singapore

2011-2012 Postdoctoral Research Associate, The Scripps Research Institute, Cell Biology Department, San Diego, CA, USA

2007-2011 Postdoctoral Fellow University of California, San Diego, Division of Biological Sciences, San Diego, CA, USA

2003-2006 Ph.D. in Biology, University of Groningen, Medical Faculty, Groningen, The Netherlands. 


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Cdk5-dependent rapid formation and stabilization of dendritic spines by corticotropin-releasing factor.
Vandael D, Vints K, Baatsen P, Sliwinska MA, Gabarre S, De Groef L, Moons L, Rybakin V, Gounko NV, Transl Psychiatry 2024 Jan 14 1 29
EndophilinA-dependent coupling between activity-induced calcium influx and synaptic autophagy is disrupted by a Parkinson-risk mutation.
Bademosi AT, Decet M, Kuenen S, Calatayud C, Swerts J, Gallego SF, Schoovaerts N, Karamanou S, Louros N, Martin E, Sibarita JB, Vints K, Gounko NV, Meunier FA, Economou A, Versées W, Rousseau F, Schymkowitz J, Soukup SF, Verstreken P, Neuron 2023 May 111 9 1402-1422.e13
Mitochondria metabolism sets the species-specific tempo of neuronal development.
Iwata R, Casimir P, Erkol E, Boubakar L, Planque M, Gallego López IM, Ditkowska M, Gaspariunaite V, Beckers S, Remans D, Vints K, Vandekeere A, Poovathingal S, Bird M, Vlaeminck I, Creemers E, Wierda K, Corthout N, Vermeersch P, Carpentier S, Davie K, Mazzone M, Gounko NV, Aerts S, Ghesquière B, Fendt SM, Vanderhaeghen P, Science 2023 Feb 379 6632 eabn4705
Prolyl endopeptidase-like is a (thio)esterase involved in mitochondrial respiratory chain function.
Rosier K, McDevitt MT, Smet J, Floyd BJ, Verschoore M, Marcaida MJ, Bingman CA, Lemmens I, Dal Peraro M, Tavernier J, Cravatt BF, Gounko NV, Vints K, Monnens Y, Bhalla K, Aerts L, Rashan EH, Vanlander AV, Van Coster R, Régal L, Pagliarini DJ, Creemers JWM, iScience 2021 Dec 24 12 103460
Torsin and NEP1R1-CTDNEP1 phosphatase affect interphase nuclear pore complex insertion by lipid-dependent and lipid-independent mechanisms.
Jacquemyn J, Foroozandeh J, Vints K, Swerts J, Verstreken P, Gounko NV, Gallego SF, Goodchild R, EMBO J 2021 Sep 40 17 e106914
Corticotropin-releasing factor induces functional and structural synaptic remodelling in acute stress.
Vandael D, Wierda K, Vints K, Baatsen P, De Groef L, Moons L, Rybakin V, Gounko NV, Transl Psychiatry 2021 Jul 11 1 378
A workflow for streamlined acquisition and correlation of serial regions of interest in array tomography.
Gabarre S, Vernaillen F, Baatsen P, Vints K, Cawthorne C, Boeynaems S, Michiels E, Vandael D, Gounko NV, Munck S, BMC Biol 2021 Jul 19 1 152
Loss of Furin in β-Cells Induces an mTORC1-ATF4 Anabolic Pathway That Leads to β-Cell Dysfunction.
Brouwers B, Coppola I, Vints K, Dislich B, Jouvet N, Van Lommel L, Segers C, Gounko NV, Thorrez L, Schuit F, Lichtenthaler SF, Estall JL, Declercq J, Ramos-Molina B, Creemers JWM, Diabetes 2021 Feb 70 2 492-503
An accelerated procedure for approaching and imaging of optically branded region of interest in tissue.
Vints K, Baatsen P, Gounko NV, Methods Cell Biol 2021 162 205-221
Preservation of Fluorescence Signal and Imaging Optimization for Integrated Light and Electron Microscopy.
Baatsen P, Gabarre S, Vints K, Wouters R, Vandael D, Goodchild R, Munck S, Gounko NV, Front Cell Dev Biol 2021 9 737621