Medical School
Ahfad University (2013)
Henry Ford Hospital (2020), Internal Medicine
Henry Ford Hospital (2023), Hematology Oncology


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A Rare Presentation of Concomitant Lung Disease and Hepatitis After Rituximab Treatment: A Case Report.
Albusoul L, Abunafeesa H, Dabak V, Cureus 2023 May 15 5 e38910
An Urban Center Experience Exploring Barriers to Adherence to Endoscopic Surveillance for Non-Dysplastic Barrett's Esophagus.
Isseh M, Mueller L, Abunafeesa H, Imam Z, Shakaroun D, Abu Ghanimeh M, Isseh N, Miller J, Jafri SM, Lenhart A, Cureus 2021 Jan 13 1 e13030
Satisfaction of hem/onc patients with video visits during the COVID-19 pandemic at a tertiary care center in Michigan
Fawzi Abu Rous, Sunny R K Singh, Pin Li, Mohamed Elgamal, Hussna Abunafeesa, Rebecca Chacko, Sowjanya Vuyyala, Yaser Alkhatib, Philip Kuriakose JCO 2021 39 28 4
Management of altered mental status and delirium in cancer patients.
El Majzoub I, Abunafeesa H, Cheaito R, Cheaito MA, Elsayem AF, Ann Palliat Med 2019 Nov 8 5 728-739
Association of emergency department admission and early inpatient palliative care consultation with hospital mortality in a comprehensive cancer center.
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Yust-Katz S , Donthireddy V , Mandel J , Abunafeesa H , Patil N , Yadav D , Jabbour-Aida H , Wu J , Yuan Y , Tsavachidis S , Walbert T , Bondy M , Armstrong T Neuro Oncol 2019 21 Supplement_6 Page vi204
Primary Versus Secondary Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia: A Retrospective Analysis of Diagnostic Patterns and Treatment Outcomes
Laurel Mueller, DO, MPH, Hussna Abunafeesa, MBBS, Diego Cabrera Fernandez, MD, Philip Kuriakose, MD 2018 132 Supplement1
Socioeconomic Disparity Is a Major Factor in Adherence to Endoscopic Surveillance for Non-Dysplastic Barrett’s Esophagus
Isseh, Mahmoud MD, Mueller, Laurel DO, Abunafeesa, Hussna MBBS, Shakaroun, Dania MD, Abu Ghanimeh, Mouhanna K. MD, Fernandez, Christopher MD, Mullins, Keith MD, Miller, Joseph MD, Jafri, Syed-Mohammed MD, Lenhart, Adrienne MD AJG 2018 113 Supplement 1
Cultural diversity and barriers to high-quality end of life care.
Abunafeesa H, Elsayem AF, Ann Palliat Med 2017 Apr 6 2 183-186