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Dr. Anila D'Mello is an assistant professor and Jon Heighten Scholar in Autism Research in the Department of Psychiatry and O'Donnell Brain Institute at UT Southwestern. She is also faculty within the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. D'Mello received her BA in Psychology from Georgetown University and completed a PhD in Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience at American University. She completed postdoctoral training at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. D’Mello’s research combines tools from cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, and developmental psychology to elucidate the brain circuits and mechanisms that support language and cognition in humans. Her lab applies these tools to understand how these circuits differ in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. Dr. D’Mello is particularly interested in the role of cerebro-cerebellar circuits in language, cognition, development, and disorders.

Research Interest

  • Cognitive neuroscience of language and social cognition across development and in disorders.
  • Neuroimaging of language and cognition across typical and atypical neurodevelopment.
  • Role of cerebro-cerebellar circuits in language, cognition, and autism spectrum disorders.


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Exclusion of females in autism research: Empirical evidence for a "leaky" recruitment-to-research pipeline.
D'Mello AM, Frosch IR, Li CE, Cardinaux AL, Gabrieli JDE, Autism Res 2022 Aug
Cerebellar Contributions to Social Cognition in ASD: A Predictive Processing Framework.
Frosch IR, Mittal VA, D'Mello AM, Front Integr Neurosci 2022 16 810425
Enhanced rationality in autism spectrum disorder.
Rozenkrantz L, D'Mello AM, Gabrieli JDE, Trends Cogn Sci 2021 08 25 8 685-696
Differential Behavioral and Neural Effects of Regional Cerebellar tDCS.
Rice LC, D'Mello AM, Stoodley CJ, Neuroscience 2021 05 462 288-302
Anxiety, Motivation, and Competence in Mathematics and Reading for Children With and Without Learning Difficulties.
Pollack C, Wilmot D, Centanni TM, Halverson K, Frosch I, D'Mello AM, Romeo RR, Imhof A, Capella J, Wade K, Al Dahhan NZ, Gabrieli JDE, Christodoulou JA, Front Psychol 2021 12 704821
Cerebellar contributions to rapid semantic processing in reading.
D'Mello AM, Centanni TM, Gabrieli JDE, Christodoulou JA, Brain Lang 2020 09 208 104828
Neural Mechanisms for Prediction: From Action to Higher-Order Cognition.
D'Mello AM, Rozenkrantz L, J Neurosci 2020 07 40 27 5158-5160
Evidence for Hierarchical Cognitive Control in the Human Cerebellum.
D'Mello AM, Gabrieli JDE, Nee DE, Curr Biol 2020 05 30 10 1881-1892.e3
Functional Territories of Human Dentate Nucleus.
Guell X, D'Mello AM, Hubbard NA, Romeo RR, Gabrieli JDE, Whitfield-Gabrieli S, Schmahmann JD, Anteraper SA, Cereb Cortex 2020 04 30 4 2401-2417

Honors & Awards

  • Jon Heighten Scholar in Autism Research
  • SFARI Bridge to Independence Fellow

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Center for Vital Longevity (2022)
  • Department of Psychology, University of Texas at Dallas (2022)
  • Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing, University of Texas at Dallas (2023)