Dr. Tsen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He received his B.S. from the Johns Hopkins University and his medical and doctorate degrees from Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. During Dr. Tsen’s predoctoral years he developed a technology for selective pathogen inactivation via USP laser-induced vibration, a discovery which has been featured widely in news media. Translation of this technology toward applications in clinical disinfection and vaccine production continues to be a goal of Dr. Tsen’s work. During his time as a postdoc and instructor at Washington University School of Medicine, Dr. Tsen played a key role in the development of near-infrared fluorescent imaging agents for detection of solid cancers and treatment response monitoring in arthritis. He is now researching novel photonic technologies to combat infectious diseases, and biocompatible methods to prevent cancer and aging.

Research Interest

  • Aging research
  • Cancer prevention
  • Pathogen inactivation


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Non-invasive monitoring of arthritis treatment response via targeting of tyrosine-phosphorylated annexin A2 in chondrocytes.
Tsen SD, Springer LE, Sharmah Gautam K, Tang R, Liang K, Sudlow G, Kucharski A, Pham CTN, Achilefu S, Arthritis Res Ther 2021 10 23 1 265
Inactivation of multidrug-resistant bacteria and bacterial spores and generation of high-potency bacterial vaccines using ultrashort pulsed lasers
S.-W. D. Tsen, J. Popovich, M. Hodges, S. Haydel, K. T. Tsen, G. Sudlow, E. Mueller, P. Levin, and S. Achilefu Journal of Biophotonics 2021
Selective imaging of solid tumours via the calcium-dependent high-affinity binding of a cyclic octapeptide to phosphorylated Annexin A2.
Shen D, Xu B, Liang K, Tang R, Sudlow GP, Egbulefu C, Guo K, Som A, Gilson R, Maji D, Mondal S, Habimana-Griffin L, Akers WJ, Li S, Liu Y, Bloch S, Kurkure S, Nussinov Z, Seidel A, Tsen SD, Achilefu S, Nat Biomed Eng 2020 03 4 3 298-313
Head-mounted devices for non- invasive cancer imaging and intraoperative image-guided surgery
S. B. Mondal, S.-W. D. Tsen, and S. Achilefu Advanced Functional Materials 2020
Selective photonic disinfection of cell culture using a visible ultrashort pulsed laser.
Tsen SD, Kibler K, Jacobs B, Fay JC, Podolnikova NP, Ugarova TP, Achilefu S, Tsen KT, IEEE J Sel Top Quantum Electron 2016 May-Jun 22 3
Chemical-free inactivated whole influenza virus vaccine prepared by ultrashort pulsed laser treatment.
Tsen SW, Donthi N, La V, Hsieh WH, Li YD, Knoff J, Chen A, Wu TC, Hung CF, Achilefu S, Tsen KT J Biomed Opt 2015 May 20 5 51008
Ultrashort pulsed laser treatment inactivates viruses by inhibiting viral replication and transcription in the host nucleus.
Tsen SW, Chapa T, Beatty W, Xu B, Tsen KT, Achilefu S, Antiviral Res 2014 Oct 110 70-6
Studies of inactivation mechanism of non-enveloped icosahedral virus by a visible ultrashort pulsed laser.
Tsen SW, Kingsley DH, Poweleit C, Achilefu S, Soroka DS, Wu TC, Tsen KT, Virol J 2014 Feb 11 20
Pathogen reduction in human plasma using an ultrashort pulsed laser.
Tsen SW, Kingsley DH, Kibler K, Jacobs B, Sizemore S, Vaiana SM, Anderson J, Tsen KT, Achilefu S, PLoS One 2014 9 11 e111673
Inactivation of enveloped virus by laser-driven protein aggregation.
Tsen SW, Chapa T, Beatty W, Tsen KT, Yu D, Achilefu S, J Biomed Opt 2012 Dec 17 12 128002


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Honors & Awards

  • National Institutes of Health Director¬ís New Innovator Award Finalist
  • National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Recipient
  • Johns Hopkins Provost¬ís Undergraduate Research Award and Grant Recipient
  • Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology Summer Undergraduate Research Grant Recipient
  • Silver Medal at Hopkins Olympic Games Table Tennis Tournament Winner