M.S. In Biotechnology, Adam Michiewicz University, Posnan, Poland (1995)

Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Schiences, Pozman, Poland (1999)



Graduate School
Adam Mickiewicz University (1995), Biotechnology
Graduate School
Polish Acad of Science Institu (1999), Biochemistry


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Cellular pathophysiology of Friedreich's ataxia cardiomyopathy.
Lees JG, Napierala M, Pébay A, Dottori M, Lim SY, Int J Cardiol 2022 Jan 346 71-78
Difficulties translating antisense-mediated activation of Frataxin expression from cell culture to mice.
Kilikevicius A, Wang J, Shen X, Rigo F, Prakash TP, Napierala M, Corey DR, RNA Biol 2022 Jan 19 1 364-372

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznan, Poland (1995-1999)
  • University of Adam Mickiewicz, Poznan, Poland (1990-1995)