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University of Toledo College of Medicine (2015)
Washington University School of Medicine (2019), Emergency Medicine
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University (2021), Global Health


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Injury burdens and care delivery in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic in Kigali, Rwanda: A prospective interrupted cross-sectional study.
Uwamahoro C, Marques CG, Beeman A, Mutabazi Z, Twagirumukiza FR, Jing L, Ndebwanimana V, Uwamahoro D, Nkeshimana M, Tang OY, Naganathan S, Jarmale S, Stephen A, Aluisio AR, Afr J Emerg Med 2021 Sep
Epidemiology and Clinical Characteristics of Emergency Department Patients with COVID-19 in a Rhode Island Healthcare System.
Naganathan S, Paiva M, Soliman L, Amanullah S, Aluisio AR, Genisca AE, R I Med J (2013) 2021 Jun 104 5 24-29
The Calm Before the Storm: Using In Situ Simulation to Evaluate for Preparedness of an Alternative Care Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Petrone G, Brown L, Binder W, Naganathan S, Pasichow S, Rybasack-Smith H, Duquette CE, Palka DR, Musits AN, Disaster Med Public Health Prep 2021 Mar 1-5
Association between volume resuscitation & mortality among injured patients at a tertiary care hospital in Kigali, Rwanda.
Marqués CG, Moretti K, Amanullah S, Uwamahoro C, Ndebwanimana V, Garbern S, Naganathan S, Martin K, Niyomiza J, Gjesvik A, Nkeshimana M, Levine AC, Aluisio AR, Afr J Emerg Med 2021 Mar 11 1 152-157
Performance of Prognostication Scores for Mortality in Injured Patients in Rwanda.
Tang OY, Marqués CG, Ndebwanimana V, Uwamahoro C, Uwamahoro D, Lipsman ZW, Naganathan S, Karim N, Nkeshimana M, Levine AC, Stephen A, Aluisio AR, West J Emerg Med 2021 Jan 22 2 435-444
Emergency medicine matters: epidemiology of medical pathology and changes in patient outcomes after implementation of a post-graduate training program at a Tertiary Teaching Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda.
Moretti K, Uwamahoro DL, Naganathan S, Uwamahoro C, Karim N, Nkeshimana M, Aluisio AR, Int J Emerg Med 2021 Jan 14 1 9
Counseling on Access to Lethal Means in the Emergency Department: A Script for Improved Comfort.
Mueller KL, Chirumbole D, Naganathan S, Community Ment Health J 2020 10 56 7 1366-1371
Counseling on Access to Lethal Means-Emergency Department (CALM-ED): A Quality Improvement Program for Firearm Injury Prevention.
Mueller KL, Naganathan S, Griffey RT, West J Emerg Med 2020 Aug 21 5 1123-1130
From Concerts to COVID: Transforming the RI Convention Center into an Alternate Hospital Site in under a Month.
Naganathan S, Meehan-Coussee K, Pasichow S, Rybasack-Smith H, Binder W, Beaudoin F, Musits AN, Sutton E, Petrone G, Levine AC, Suner S, R I Med J (2013) 2020 Aug 103 6 8-13
Evaluation of blood product transfusion therapies in acute injury care in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review.
Yang L, Slate-Romano J, Marqués CG, Uwamahoro C, Twagirumukiza FR, Naganathan S, Moretti K, Jing L, Levine AC, Stephen A, Aluisio AR, Injury 2020 Jul 51 7 1468-1476