Maggie Smith is a couple, marriage, and family therapist who provides integrated behavioral health services within our family medicine clinics as well as researches the role of family in body image and sexual identity development and health. Specifically, she researches the family's capacity to protect against the harmful effects of weight stigma and sexual and gender discrimination. She also investigates how family-based interventions in integrated primary care settings can improve biopsychosocial outcomes for both sexual and gender minorities and those at risk of weight stigma. In her free time, you'll find Maggie reading, unpacking the latest Taylor Swift news, or cheering on her Auburn Tigers. 


Graduate School
EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY (2019), Marriage and Family Therapy
Graduate School
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center (2022), Marriage and Family Therapy

Research Interest

  • Families, weight stigma, and biopsychosocial health
  • Family-based interventions in integrated primary care for body image and sexual identity development
  • Sexual and gender minorities, family support, and biopsychosocial health


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Body Image and the Gay Community: Adaptation of Emotionally-Focused Family Therapy for Gay Clients with Negative Body Image
Smith, M., Wilson, K., Janes, E., Goodloe, J., Guzman, A., and Sisemore, 2022
The Effect of Parental Attachment on Risky Alcohol Use and Disordered Eating Behaviors in College Students
Smith, M and D'Aniello, C Contemporary Family Therapy 2021