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Reliability of radiographic assessment of growth modulation from anterior vertebral body tethering surgery in pediatric scoliosis.
Photopoulos G, Hurry J, Murphy J, Brooks J, Fitzgerald R, Louer C, Shaw K, Smit K, Miyanji F, Parent S, El-Hawary R, Spine Deform 2023 Jan 11 1 115-121
Increasing Diversity in Orthopaedics: The Problem, Strategies, and Solutions.
Ihejirika-Lomedico R, Brooks J, McLaurin TM, Egol KA, Hogan MV, LaPorte D, Pean C, Jegede K, Kemp AK, Taylor E, Zuckerman JD, Dyer G, Instr Course Lect 2023 72 79-87
The Majority of Black Orthopaedic Surgeons Report Experiencing Racial Microaggressions During Their Residency Training.
Brooks JT, Porter SE, Middleton KK, Carson EW, Ode GE, Clin Orthop Relat Res 2022 Nov
Lengthening Behavior of Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods in Early-Onset Scoliosis: A Multicenter Study.
Heyer JH, Anari JB, Baldwin KD, Mitchell SL, Luhmann SJ, Sturm PF, Flynn JM, Cahill PJ, J Bone Joint Surg Am 2022 Oct
An Organizational Approach to Addressing Racism in Orthopaedic Surgery: AOA Critical Issues Symposium.
Brooks JT, Dixon T, Simpson Mason B, Archdeacon M, J Bone Joint Surg Am 2022 Oct 104 20 e88
The Insidious Effects of Childhood Obesity on Orthopedic Injuries and Deformities.
Tisano B, Anigian K, Kantorek N, Kenfack YJ, Johnson M, Brooks JT, Orthop Clin North Am 2022 Oct 53 4 461-472
Effect of pelvic fixation on ambulation in children with neuromuscular scoliosis.
Drake L, Sukkarieh H, McDonald T, Bhanat E, Quince E, Atkins M, Wright P, Brooks J, World J Orthop 2022 Aug 13 8 753-759
Disparities in Pediatric Scoliosis: The Impact of Race and Insurance Type on Access to Nonoperative Treatment for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.
Heffernan MJ, Younis M, Song B, Fontenot B, Dewitz R, Brooks JT, Leonardi C, Barnett SA, J Pediatr Orthop 2022 Jul
Contraindications to magnetically controlled growing rods: consensus among experts in treating early onset scoliosis.
Matsumoto H, Sinha R, Roye BD, Ball JR, Skaggs KF, Brooks JT, Welborn MC, Emans JB, Anari JB, Johnston CE, Akbarnia BA, Vitale MG, Murphy RF, Spine Deform 2022 Jul