Medical School
Harvard Medical School (2015)
Massachusetts General Hospital (2018), Pediatrics
Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital (2021), Pediatric Emergency Medicine


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COVID-19 in Pediatric Patients: Observations from the Initial Phase of the Global Pandemic in Rhode Island.
Levin RA, Tsao HS, Amanullah S, Genisca A, Chapman L, R I Med J (2013) 2021 Feb 104 1 55-60
Excellence in Communication and Emergency Leadership (ExCEL): Pediatric Primary and Secondary Survey in Trauma Workshop for Residents.
Kelley MN, Mercurio L, Tsao HS, Toomey V, Carillo M, Brown L, Wing R, MedEdPORTAL 2021 01 17 11079
Sounding the Alarm on Sleep: A Negative Association Between Inadequate Sleep and Flourishing.
Tsao HS, Gjelsvik A, Sojar S, Amanullah S, J Pediatr 2021 01 228 199-207.e3
Do Unmet Health Needs Drive Pediatric Emergency Department Utilization?: A Population-Based Assessment.
Sojar S, Gjelsvik A, Tsao HS, Amanullah S, Pediatr Emerg Care 2020 Dec
Excellence in Communication and Emergency Leadership (ExCEL): Pediatric First 5 Minutes Workshop for Residents.
Wing R, Tsao HS, Toomey V, Mercurio L, Carillo M, Brown LL, Kelley MN, MedEdPORTAL 2020 09 16 10980
A Case Report of Cake Frosting as a Source of Copper Toxicity in a Pediatric Patient.
Tsao HS, Allister L, Chiba T, Barkley J, Goldman RH, Clin Pract Cases Emerg Med 2020 Aug 4 3 384-388
Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) in a Pediatric Patient Positive for SARS-CoV-2.
Tsao HS, Chason HM, Fearon DM, Pediatrics 2020 08 146 2
Design of novel histone-derived antimicrobial peptides.
Tsao HS, Spinella SA, Lee AT, Elmore DE, Peptides 2009 Dec 30 12 2168-73
Investigating the bactericidal mechanism of three novel histone-derived antimicrobial peptides.
Lee AT, Tsao HS, Maharaj NP, Elmore DE Biophysical Journal 2009 96 3 456a-457a