Xinxin Song, M.D., Ph.D, received her medical degree from the Health Science Center, Peking University, and her Ph.D. at the Peking Union Medical College in China. She later received post-doctoral training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She became a Research Assistant Professor at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. In 2020, she joined UT Southwestern as an Assistant Professor, and by 2023, she established her lab within the Department of Surgery. Dr. Song focuses on understanding the mechanisms of cell death, including apoptosis, ferroptosis, pH-dependent cell death, and immunogenic cell death. Additionally, she is interested in drug resistance and its interplay with the tumor microenvironment, cancer immunogenicity, and various cell death pathways.


Medical School
Peking Univ Hlth Science Ctr (2005), Public Health
Graduate School
Peking Union Medical College (2010), Biochemistry

Research Interest

  • Apoptosis
  • Cancer immunogenicity
  • Drug resistance
  • Ferroptosis
  • Tumor microenvironment


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Proteolytic regulation of CD73 by TRIM21 orchestrates tumor immunogenicity.
Fu Z, Chen S, Zhu Y, Zhang D, Xie P, Jiao Q, Chi J, Xu S, Xue Y, Lu X, Song X, Cristofanilli M, Gradishar WJ, Kalinsky K, Yin Y, Zhang B, Wan Y, Sci Adv 2023 Jan 9 1 eadd6626
The Emerging Role of Deubiquitinases in Cell Death.
Zhou Z, Song X, Kang R, Tang D, Biomolecules 2022 Dec 12 12
Identification of HPCAL1 as a specific autophagy receptor involved in ferroptosis.
Chen X, Song X, Li J, Zhang R, Yu C, Zhou Z, Liu J, Liao S, Klionsky DJ, Kroemer G, Liu J, Tang D, Kang R, Autophagy 2022 Apr 1-21
Bispecific T cell engagers kill resistant cells during KRAS-G12C blockade therapy.
Song X, Zhou Z, Kang R, Tang D, Oncoimmunology 2022 11 1 2141978
Post-transcriptional regulation of ATG1 is a critical node that modulates autophagy during distinct nutrient stresses.
Lahiri V, Metur SP, Hu Z, Song X, Mari M, Hawkins WD, Bhattarai J, Delorme-Axford E, Reggiori F, Tang D, Dengjel J, Klionsky DJ, Autophagy 2021 Nov 1-21
PDK4 dictates metabolic resistance to ferroptosis by suppressing pyruvate oxidation and fatty acid synthesis.
Song X, Liu J, Kuang F, Chen X, Zeh HJ, Kang R, Kroemer G, Xie Y, Tang D, Cell Rep 2021 Feb 34 8 108767
NUPR1 is a critical repressor of ferroptosis.
Liu J, Song X, Kuang F, Zhang Q, Xie Y, Kang R, Kroemer G, Tang D, Nat Commun 2021 01 12 1 647
Pharmacologic Suppression of B7-H4 Glycosylation Restores Antitumor Immunity in Immune-Cold Breast Cancers.
Song X, Zhou Z, Li H, Xue Y, Lu X, Bahar I, Kepp O, Hung MC, Kroemer G, Wan Y, Cancer Discov 2020 Dec 10 12 1872-1893
PARK7 modulates autophagic proteolysis through binding to the N-terminally arginylated form of the molecular chaperone HSPA5.
Lee DH, Kim D, Kim ST, Jeong S, Kim JL, Shim SM, Heo AJ, Song X, Guo ZS, Bartlett DL, Oh SC, Lee J, Saito Y, Kim BY, Kwon YT, Lee YJ Autophagy 2018 Jul 1-16
Crosstalk between Apoptosis and Autophagy is Regulated by the Arginylated BiP/Beclin-1/p62 Complex.
Lee YJ, Song X, Lee DH, Dilly AK, Lee YS, Choudry HA, Kwon YT, Bartlett DL Mol. Cancer Res. 2018 Apr

Honors & Awards

  • Early Career American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant
  • Member, American Association for Cancer Research
  • Member, Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center
    UT Southwestern (2022-2023)
  • Friends of Prentice Award
    Northwestern University (2018)
  • Excellent Graduate Student Honor
    Peking Union Medical College, China (2007-2009)
  • Excellent Student Scholarship
    Health Science Center, Peking University, China (2000-2007)