Research Interest

  • Bioinformatics
  • Chromatin-binding proteins
  • Condensates
  • DNA replication initiation
  • Protein biochemistry
  • Protein intrinsically disordered regions
  • Protein phase separation


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Molecular determinants of phase separation for Drosophila DNA replication licensing factors
Parker, MW, Kao, JA, Huang A, Berger, JM, Botchan, MR bioRxiv 2021
Design, synthesis, and evaluation of a novel benzamidine-based inhibitor of VEGF-C binding to Neuropilin-2.
Said AM, Parker MW, Vander Kooi CW, Bioorganic chemistry 2020 Jul 100 103856
A new class of disordered elements controls DNA replication through initiator self-assembly.
Parker MW, Bell M, Mir M, Kao JA, Darzacq X, Botchan MR, Berger JM, eLife 2019 09 8
Mechanisms and regulation of DNA replication initiation in eukaryotes.
Parker MW, Botchan MR, Berger JM, Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology 2017 Apr 52 2 107-144
Plate-Based Assay for Measuring Direct Semaphorin-Neuropilin Interactions.
Parker MW, Vander Kooi CW, Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 2017 1493 73-87
Expanding the 3-O-Sulfate Proteome--Enhanced Binding of Neuropilin-1 to 3-O-Sulfated Heparan Sulfate Modulates Its Activity.
Thacker BE, Seamen E, Lawrence R, Parker MW, Xu Y, Liu J, Vander Kooi CW, Esko JD, ACS chemical biology 2016 Apr 11 4 971-80
Structural basis for VEGF-C binding to neuropilin-2 and sequestration by a soluble splice form.
Parker MW, Linkugel AD, Goel HL, Wu T, Mercurio AM, Vander Kooi CW, Structure (London, England : 1993) 2015 Apr 23 4 677-87
Structural mechanism of laforin function in glycogen dephosphorylation and lafora disease.
Raththagala M, Brewer MK, Parker MW, Sherwood AR, Wong BK, Hsu S, Bridges TM, Paasch BC, Hellman LM, Husodo S, Meekins DA, Taylor AO, Turner BD, Auger KD, Dukhande VV, Chakravarthy S, Sanz P, Woods VL, Li S, Vander Kooi CW, Gentry MS, Molecular cell 2015 Jan 57 2 261-72

Honors & Awards

  • Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) Scholar
  • Cecil H. and Ida Green Endowed Scholar in Biomedical Computational Science