Hume Stroud received his B.A. from Cornell University. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he worked with Dr. Steven E. Jacobsen to study the epigenetic regulation of transposons in plants. He then performed his postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School where he worked with Dr. Michael E. Greenberg to study transcriptional programs controlling neuronal development. In 2021, he joined UT Southwestern as an Assistant Professor.


The Stroud lab investigates epigenetic regulation in nervous system development, health, and disease.


Stroud Lab website:

Research Interest

  • Epigenetics
  • Gene therapy
  • Genome engineering
  • Metabolism
  • Neurological disorders
  • Single-cell genomics


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

MicroRNA-29 is an essential regulator of brain maturation through regulation of CH methylation.
Swahari V, Nakamura A, Hollville E, Stroud H, Simon JM, Ptacek TS, Beck MV, Flowers C, Guo J, Plestant C, Liang J, Kurtz CL, Kanke M, Hammond SM, He YW, Anton ES, Sethupathy P, Moy SS, Greenberg ME, Deshmukh M, Cell Rep 2021 Apr 35 1 108946
An Activity-Mediated Transition in Transcription in Early Postnatal Neurons.
Stroud H, Yang MG, Tsitohay YN, Davis CP, Sherman MA, Hrvatin S, Ling E, Greenberg ME, Neuron 2020 09 107 5 874-890.e8
MeCP2 Represses the Rate of Transcriptional Initiation of Highly Methylated Long Genes.
Boxer LD, Renthal W, Greben AW, Whitwam T, Silberfeld A, Stroud H, Li E, Yang MG, Kinde B, Griffith EC, Bonev B, Greenberg ME, Mol Cell 2020 01 77 2 294-309.e9
A scalable platform for the development of cell-type-specific viral drivers.
Hrvatin S, Tzeng CP, Nagy MA, Stroud H, Koutsioumpa C, Wilcox OF, Assad EG, Green J, Harvey CD, Griffith EC, Greenberg ME, Elife 2019 09 8
Visual Experience-Dependent Expression of Fn14 Is Required for Retinogeniculate Refinement.
Cheadle L, Tzeng CP, Kalish BT, Harmin DA, Rivera S, Ling E, Nagy MA, Hrvatin S, Hu L, Stroud H, Burkly LC, Chen C, Greenberg ME Neuron 2018 Jul
Early-Life Gene Expression in Neurons Modulates Lasting Epigenetic States.
Stroud H, Su SC, Hrvatin S, Greben AW, Renthal W, Boxer LD, Nagy MA, Hochbaum DR, Kinde B, Gabel HW, Greenberg ME, Cell 2017 Nov 171 5 1151-1164.e16
The histone H3 variant H3.3 regulates gene body DNA methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Wollmann H, Stroud H, Yelagandula R, Tarutani Y, Jiang D, Jing L, Jamge B, Takeuchi H, Holec S, Nie X, Kakutani T, Jacobsen SE, Berger F, Genome Biol 2017 05 18 1 94
On the origin and evolutionary consequences of gene body DNA methylation.
Bewick AJ, Ji L, Niederhuth CE, Willing EM, Hofmeister BT, Shi X, Wang L, Lu Z, Rohr NA, Hartwig B, Kiefer C, Deal RB, Schmutz J, Grimwood J, Stroud H, Jacobsen SE, Schneeberger K, Zhang X, Schmitz RJ Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2016 Jul
Disruption of DNA-methylation-dependent long gene repression in Rett syndrome.
Gabel HW, Kinde B, Stroud H, Gilbert CS, Harmin DA, Kastan NR, Hemberg M, Ebert DH, Greenberg ME, Nature 2015 Jun 522 7554 89-93
MORC1 represses transposable elements in the mouse male germline.
Pastor WA, Stroud H, Nee K, Liu W, Pezic D, Manakov S, Lee SA, Moissiard G, Zamudio N, Bourc'his D, Aravin AA, Clark AT, Jacobsen SE, Nat Commun 2014 Dec 5 5795

Honors & Awards

  • IRSF Innovation Award
  • Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship
  • NARSAD Young Investigator Award
  • Whitehall Foundation Award
  • SFARI Bridge to Independence Award
  • UT Southwestern Endowed Scholar
  • Charles A. King Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Fellowship
  • NARSAD Young Investigator Award
  • William Randolph Hearst Fund Award
  • Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellowship