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  • Cryo-EM analysis of protein complexes


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Structural mechanism of allosteric activation of TRPML1 by PI(3,5)P2 and rapamycin.
Gan N, Han Y, Zeng W, Wang Y, Xue J, Jiang Y, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2022 Feb 119 7
Structural mechanisms of assembly, permeation, gating, and pharmacology of native human rod CNG channel.
Xue J, Han Y, Zeng W, Jiang Y, Neuron 2021 Oct
TMEM120A is a coenzyme A-binding membrane protein with structural similarities to ELOVL fatty acid elongase.
Xue J, Han Y, Baniasadi H, Zeng W, Pei J, Grishin NV, Wang J, Tu BP, Jiang Y, Elife 2021 08 10
Structural mechanisms of gating and selectivity of human rod CNGA1 channel.
Xue J, Han Y, Zeng W, Wang Y, Jiang Y, Neuron 2021 04 109 8 1302-1313.e4
A Structural Model of the Endogenous Human BAF Complex Informs Disease Mechanisms.
Mashtalir N, Suzuki H, Farrell DP, Sankar A, Luo J, Filipovski M, D'Avino AR, St Pierre R, Valencia AM, Onikubo T, Roeder RG, Han Y, He Y, Ranish JA, DiMaio F, Walz T, Kadoch C, Cell 2020 Oct 183 3 802-817.e24
Structural insights into the Ca2+-dependent gating of the human mitochondrial calcium uniporter.
Wang Y, Han Y, She J, Nguyen NX, Mootha VK, Bai XC, Jiang Y, Elife 2020 Aug 9
Cryo-EM structure of SWI/SNF complex bound to a nucleosome.
Han Y, Reyes AA, Malik S, He Y, Nature 2020 03 579 7799 452-455
Structural visualization of RNA polymerase III transcription machineries.
Han Y, Yan C, Fishbain S, Ivanov I, He Y Cell Discov 2018 4 40
Breaking the mold: structures of the RNA polymerase I transcription complex reveal a new path for initiation.
Jackobel AJ, Han Y, He Y, Knutson BA Transcription 2017 Dec 1-15
Structural mechanism of ATP-independent transcription initiation by RNA polymerase I.
Han Y, Yan C, Nguyen THD, Jackobel AJ, Ivanov I, Knutson BA, He Y Elife 2017 Jun 6