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Stereotactic body radiotherapy: No longer a special procedure?
Gagneur JD, Godley A, Rong Y, J Appl Clin Med Phys 2020 Mar 21 3 6-9
Technical Note: Characterization of x-ray beam profiles for a fluoroscopic system incorporating copper filtration.
Wunderle KA, Godley AR, Shen ZL, Dong FF, Med Phys 2019 Nov 46 11 4918-4922
MR-linac is the best modality for lung SBRT.
Godley A, Zheng D, Rong Y, J Appl Clin Med Phys 2019 Jun 20 6 7-11
Use of a Linear Accelerator for Conducting In Vitro Radiobiology Experiments.
Hao J, Magnelli A, Godley A, Yu JS, J Vis Exp 2019 May 147
Clinical and dosimetric evaluation of recurrent breast cancer patients treated with hyperthermia and radiation.
Dharmaiah S, Zeng J, Rao VS, Zi O, Ma T, Yu K, Bhatt H, Shah C, Godley A, Xia P, Yu JS, Int J Hyperthermia 2019 36 1 986-992
Risk of developing chronic myeloid neoplasms in well-differentiated thyroid cancer patients treated with radioactive iodine.
Molenaar RJ, Pleyer C, Radivoyevitch T, Sidana S, Godley A, Advani AS, Gerds AT, Carraway HE, Kalaycio M, Nazha A, Adelstein DJ, Nasr C, Angelini D, Maciejewski JP, Majhail N, Sekeres MA, Mukherjee S Leukemia 2018 Apr 32 4 952-959
The effects of extra high dose rate irradiation on glioma stem-like cells.
Hao J, Godley A, Shoemake JD, Han Z, Magnelli A, Yu JS, PLoS ONE 2018 13 8 e0202533
Intensity modulated radiation therapy with pulsed reduced dose rate as a reirradiation strategy for recurrent central nervous system tumors: An institutional series and literature review.
Murphy ES, Rogacki K, Godley A, Qi P, Reddy CA, Ahluwalia MS, Peereboom DM, Stevens GH, Yu JS, Kotecha R, Suh JH, Chao ST, Pract Radiat Oncol 2017 Nov - Dec 7 6 e391-e399
The impact of decompression with instrumentation on local failure following spine stereotactic radiosurgery.
Miller JA, Balagamwala EH, Berriochoa CA, Angelov L, Suh JH, Benzel EC, Mohammadi AM, Emch T, Magnelli A, Godley A, Qi P, Chao ST, J Neurosurg Spine 2017 Oct 27 4 436-443


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