Dr. Lu is an infectious disease physician scientist. While her clinical service is centered at Parkland, she spends most of her time in lab with a long-standing interest on the host relationship with microbes. Her doctoral work in molecular virology focused on innate immune signaling in the context of viral infections. Motivated by the global health burden of tuberculosis (TB) and captivated by the persistent relationship between the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) and humans, her postdoctoral work turned toward TB through the lens of humoral immunity. She showed divergent immunoglobulin profiles in patients with clinically well characterized Mtb infection and TB disease states, highlighted by differential antibody glycosylation and effector functions. Moving beyond the clinically well-established states of Mtb infection and TB disease, she demonstrated that individuals highly exposed to Mtb yet not captured by current clinical diagnostics have developed adaptive immune responses to Mtb. These observations provide immunological parameters to broaden the definition of human Mtb infection and provide an additional perspective through which the host response to Mtb can be examined. Beyond TB, the study of antibodies in infectious diseases helps construct a more in-depth framework to understand how the landscape of humoral immunity mediates the interface of host microbial interactions, and creates paths towards biomarker and vaccine development. The long-term goal is to translate observations from humans to models of disease in order to further inform and direct human studies, realizing the remarkable potential in the synergy between science and medicine.


Graduate School
Case Western Reserve University (2009), Molecular Virology
Other Post Graduate Training
Case Western Reserve University (2009)
Medical School
Case Western Reserve University (2010)
New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Campus (2013), Internal Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital (2015), Infectious Diseases

Research Interest

  • Antibody Effector Functions
  • Antibody Glycosylation
  • Host Microbial Interactions
  • Humoral Immunity
  • Tuberculosis


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Antibody Fc Glycosylation Discriminates Between Latent and Active Tuberculosis.
Lu LL, Das J, Grace PS, Fortune SM, Restrepo BI, Alter G, J. Infect. Dis. 2020 Feb
Publisher Correction: IFN-?-independent immune markers of Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure.
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Moving toward Tuberculosis Elimination. Critical Issues for Research in Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Tuberculosis Infection.
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An Inflammatory Story: Antibodies in Tuberculosis Comorbidities.
McLean MR, Lu LL, Kent SJ, Chung AW, Front Immunol 2019 10 2846


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

Babesiosis. In Diagnostic Pathology: Infectious DIseases

Lu, L., and Milner, D. (2015). Canada, Elsevier

Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis. In Diagnostic Pathology: Infectious Diseases

Lu, L., and Milner, C. (2015). Canada, Elsevier

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Honors & Awards

  • Disease Oriented Clinical Scholar Award
    UT Southwestern (2019)
  • K08 Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award
    NIH (2017)
  • Maxwell Finland Award for Excellence in Research
    Massachusetts Infectious Disease Society (2017)
  • TB Gift Innovation Award
    The Broad Institute (2017)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Association of Immunology (2014)
  • Infectious Disease Society of America (2013)