Dr. Goss brings to UT Southwestern experience in both preclinical models and clinical studies of the long term cardiopulmonary sequelae of premature birth, as well as management of pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular failure.

Originally from Texas, Dr. Goss is thrilled to finally be home again. After medical school at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, she completed combined residency training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics followed by Adult Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowship at Indiana University in Indianapolis. During training, she became fascinated by the potential for long term cardiopulmonary sequelae after extreme premature birth. As survival rates have markedly improved over the past three decades even for the smallest infants, a new generation of individuals born extremely preterm is now aging into adulthood. This interest led her to the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI to study a unique adult cohort of survivors of extreme preterm birth. Dr. Goss and collaborators identified subclinical pulmonary hypertension, right ventricular dysfunction, and impaired cardiac growth in otherwise healthy young adults born preterm, clearly demonstrating the potential for late complications from extreme preterm birth.

Dr. Goss’s clinical practice focus is on pulmonary hypertension as well as cardiopulmonary evaluation of adults born premature. Her research utilizes established UT Southwestern neonatal databases and infrastructure, in conjunction with preclinical models, to study the late cardiopulmonary manifestations of preterm birth and identify implications for treatment and lifetime health.


Medical School
Baylor College of Medicine (2007)
Indiana University School of Medicine (2011), Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
Indiana University School of Medicine (2014), Pulmonary Diseases & Critical Care Medicine

Research Interest

  • Acute and Chronic Right Heart Failure
  • Late Cardiopulmonary Sequelae of Extreme Premature Birth
  • Pulmonary Vascular Disease/Pulmonary Hypertension


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Association Between Preterm Birth and Arrested Cardiac Growth in Adolescents and Young Adults.
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Bimodal right ventricular dysfunction after postnatal hyperoxia exposure: implications for the preterm heart.
Kumari S, Braun RK, Tetri LH, Barton GP, Hacker TA, Goss KN, Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol. 2019 12 317 6 H1272-H1281
Novel early life risk factors for adult pulmonary hypertension.
Goss KN, Austin ED, Battiola TJ, Tepper RS, Lahm T, Pulm Circ 2019 Apr-Jun 9 2 2045894019845615
Heart rate recovery after maximal exercise is impaired in healthy young adults born preterm.
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Long-term pulmonary vascular consequences of perinatal insults.
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Early Pulmonary Vascular Disease in Young Adults Born Preterm.
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Addressing the challenges of phenotyping pediatric pulmonary vascular disease.
Goss KN, Everett AD, Mourani PM, Baker CD, Abman SH, Pulm Circ 2017 Mar 7 1 7-19


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Honors & Awards

  • Early Career Research Achievement Award
    American Thoracic Society Pulmonary Circulation Assembly (2020)
  • Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Teaching Award
    University of Wisconsin (2020)
  • Puestow Research Award
    University of Wisconsin (2019)
  • Parker B Francis Foundation Fellowship
  • Sunnyside Guild Pulmonary Fellow
    Eskenazi Health Humanism Award (2011)
  • Mindie Bailie Red Shoes Award
    Riley Hospital for Children Humanism Award (2010)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Heart Association (2016)
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Association (2014)
  • Amerian Thoracic Society (2011)
  • American College of Chest Physicians (2010)