Nima Kasraie, Ph.D., M.S., is an Associate Professor of Radiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, and a member of its Medical Physics division.

Dr. Kasraie earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Arkansas State University, and received a master's degree in nuclear and radiological engineering from the University of Tennessee. He then obtained a doctral degree in medical physics from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio before a postdcotral stint in biomedical physics at California State University in Fresno.

He holds certificates in nuclear and positron emission tomography (PET) imaging from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) at The Royal Marsden Hospital in the United Kingdom, and in advanced magnetic resonance spectroscopy from the Institute for Biomedical Engineering at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. Dr. Kasraie is also board certified in nuclear medicine physics and instrumentation by the American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine (ABSNM), and in diagostic radiology physics by the American Board of Radiology (ABR).

Prior to joining the UT Southwestern faculty in 2019, Dr. Kasraie served as Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Missouri in Kansas City Department of Radiology. He also served for six years as the first full-time medical physicist at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City.

Dr. Kasraie is an active (committee) member of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), American College of Radiology (ACR), and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM).


Arkansas State University (1999), Physics
Graduate School
University of Tennessee-Knoxvi (2005), Nuclear Engineering
Graduate School
Univ of Tx Health Science Ctr (2012), Medical Physics

Research Interest

  • Nuclear Medicine and PET imaging physics, pediatric imaging


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Impact of Region-of-Interest Delineation on Stability and Reproducibility of Liver SNR Measurements in 68 Ga-PSMA PET/CT.
Fooladi M, Rezaei S, Aghahosseini F, Salehi Y, Kasraie N, Sheikhzadeh P, World J Nucl Med 2023 Jun 22 2 124-129
Reference phantom selection in pediatric computed tomography using data from a large, multicenter registry.
Chu PW, Yu S, Wang Y, Seibert JA, Cervantes LF, Kasraie N, Chu CA, Smith-Bindman R, Pediatr Radiol 2021 Dec
Diagnostic reference levels and median doses for common clinical indications of CT: findings from an international registry.
Bos D, Yu S, Luong J, Chu P, Wang Y, Einstein AJ, Starkey J, Delman BN, Duong PT, Das M, Schindera S, Goode AR, MacLeod F, Wetter A, Neill R, Lee RK, Roehm J, Seibert JA, Cervantes LF, Kasraie N, Pike P, Pahwa A, Jeukens CRLPN, Smith-Bindman R, Eur Radiol 2021 Oct
Pre-procedural CT imaging aids neonatal PDA stenting for ductal-dependent pulmonary blood flow with reduction in overall procedural morbidity.
Arar Y, Dimas VV, Nugent AW, Hussain T, Kasraie N, Reddy SRV, Zellers TM, Herbert C, Cardiol Young 2021 Oct 1-6
Comparison of the Effectiveness of Single-Component and Multicomponent Interventions for Reducing Radiation Doses in Patients Undergoing Computed Tomography: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Smith-Bindman R, Chu P, Wang Y, Chung R, Lopez-Solano N, Einstein AJ, Solberg L, Cervantes LF, Yellen-Nelson T, Boswell W, Delman BN, Duong PA, Goode AR, Kasraie N, Lee RK, Neill R, Pahwa A, Pike P, Roehm J, Schindera S, Starkey J, Suntharalingam S, Jeukens CRLPN, Miglioretti DL, JAMA Intern Med 2020 Mar
Identification of aspirated radiolucent foreign bodies in the pediatric airway using digital tomosynthesis: a multireader phantom study
Russell G, Kasraie N, Noel-MacDonnell J, Robinson AL, Chan SS J. Med. Imag. 2020 7 5
Optimizing Communication With Parents on Benefits and Radiation Risks in Pediatric Imaging.
Kasraie N, Jordan D, Keup C, Westra S, J Am Coll Radiol 2018 May 15 5 809-817
Construction of an Anthropomorphic Phantom for Use in Evaluating Pediatric Airway Digital Tomosynthesis Protocols.
Kasraie N, Robinson A, Chan S, Radiol Res Pract 2018 2018 3835810
Fundamental Mathematics and Physics of Medical Imaging: A Brief Overview
Nima Kasraie Medical Physics International 2017 5 2 193-194

Honors & Awards

  • Fulbright Specialist Faculty
    U.S. State Department (2020-2023)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (2017)
  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • Radiological Society of North America