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Dr. Hoshida received an M.D. from University of Tsukuba, and completed internal medicine residency and fellowship training for clinical gastroenterology and hepatology, diagnostic pathology, diagnostic and interventional radiology, and biostatistics at University of Tokyo and Toranomon Hospital in Japan. He earned a Ph.D. in medical sciences from University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine. After postdoctoral training for cancer genomics and systems biology at University of Tokyo, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University, he was recruited as faculty at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Tisch Cancer Institute (2012-2018), and was later recruited to UT Southwestern to direct Liver Tumor Translational Research Program (2018-) and to join one of the nation’s largest liver cancer clinical care and research teams.

Dr. Hoshida has expertise in molecular classification, prognostic prediction, molecular targeted therapies, and chemoprevention in liver cirrhosis and cancer. He has been leading several international translational liver cirrhosis/cancer genomics projects, including Precision Liver Cancer Prevention Consortium, utilizing high-throughput omics technologies and integrative clinical and cross-species systems biology analysis over the past decade. The current focuses of his team include liver cancer risk-predictive molecular biomarkers specific to clinical contexts (e.g., geographic region, liver disease etiology, and patient race/ethnicity), individual risk-stratified personalized cancer screening based on cost-effectiveness, chemoprevention target discovery, radiogenomics, molecular subtype-guided liver cancer therapies, and informatics methodology and software by utilizing patient-derived tissues/cells, liquid biopsy of circulating biomolecules, single-cell omics, molecular digital spatial tissue profiling, clinical diagnostic platforms, nanomedicine technologies, and high-power computation.

Research Interest

  • Liver cancer
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Molecular classification
  • Precision medicine
  • Prognostic prediction


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Molecular Prognosis in Liver Cirrhosis. In Genomic and Precision Medicine: Infectious and Inflammatory Disease

Athuluri-Divakar, Hoshida (2019). Academic Press/Elsevier

Honors & Awards

  • CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research
  • Elected member, American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI)
  • Career Scientist Award, Irma T Hirschl Trust
  • Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Research Award
  • Research Fellowship, Charles A. King Trust
  • Research Resident, Viral Hepatitis Research Foundation