06/2015-04/2018 Postdoc, Orthopaedic Surgery, Duke University. Durham, NC, US

09/2010-06/2015 Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M Health Science Center Dallas, TX, US

Research Interest

  • 1. Dissect the roles of marrow adipose tissue in osteonecrosis bone healing
  • 2. Investigate the chronic inflammation response in osteonecrosis, and seek for potential therapeutic target for preclinical treatment
  • 3. Explore the link between obesity, inflammation and osteoarthritis using transgenic animal models


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Interleukin-6 deletion stimulates revascularization and new bone formation following ischemic osteonecrosis in a murine model.
Kuroyanagi G, Adapala NS, Yamaguchi R, Kamiya N, Deng Z, Aruwajoye O, Kutschke M, Chen E, Jo C, Ren Y, Kim HKW Bone 2018 Aug 116 221-231
Increased Ca2+ signaling through CaV1.2 promotes bone formation and prevents estrogen deficiency-induced bone loss.
Cao C, Ren Y, Barnett AS, Mirando AJ, Rouse D, Mun SH, Park-Min KH, McNulty AL, Guilak F, Karner CM, Hilton MJ, Pitt GS JCI Insight 2017 Nov 2 22
BMP1 and TLL1 Are Required for Maintaining Periodontal Homeostasis.
Wang J, Massoudi D, Ren Y, Muir AM, Harris SE, Greenspan DS, Feng JQ J. Dent. Res. 2017 May 96 5 578-585
Essential Roles of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-1 and Mammalian Tolloid-like 1 in Postnatal Root Dentin Formation.
Wang J, Muir AM, Ren Y, Massoudi D, Greenspan DS, Feng JQ J Endod 2017 Jan 43 1 109-115
Critical roles of periostin in the process of orthodontic tooth movement.
Rangiani A, Jing Y, Ren Y, Yadav S, Taylor R, Feng JQ Eur J Orthod 2016 Aug 38 4 373-8
Sclerostin Antibody Preserves the Morphology and Structure of Osteocytes and Blocks the Severe Skeletal Deterioration After Motor-Complete Spinal Cord Injury in Rats.
Qin W, Li X, Peng Y, Harlow LM, Ren Y, Wu Y, Li J, Qin Y, Sun J, Zheng S, Brown T, Feng JQ, Ke HZ, Bauman WA, Cardozo CP J. Bone Miner. Res. 2016 Jul 31 7 1482
HES factors regulate specific aspects of chondrogenesis and chondrocyte hypertrophy during cartilage development.
Rutkowski TP, Kohn A, Sharma D, Ren Y, Mirando AJ, Hilton MJ J. Cell. Sci. 2016 06 129 11 2145-55
NOTCH signaling in skeletal progenitors is critical for fracture repair.
Wang C, Inzana JA, Mirando AJ, Ren Y, Liu Z, Shen J, O'Keefe RJ, Awad HA, Hilton MJ J. Clin. Invest. 2016 Apr 126 4 1471-1481
Expression of the invertebrate sea urchin P16 protein into mammalian MC3T3 osteoblasts transforms and reprograms them into "osteocyte-like" cells.
Alvares K, Ren Y, Feng JQ, Veis A J. Exp. Zool. B Mol. Dev. Evol. 2016 Jan 326 1 38-46
Sclerostin antibody (Scl-Ab) improves osteomalacia phenotype in dentin matrix protein 1(Dmp1) knockout mice with little impact on serum levels of phosphorus and FGF23.
Ren Y, Han X, Jing Y, Yuan B, Ke H, Liu M, Feng JQ Matrix Biol. 2015 Dec

Honors & Awards

  • Michael Philip Jagger Research Award
    Duke University (2017)
  • ORS New Investigator Recognition Award
    Orthopaedic Research Society (2017)
  • ASBMR President's Award
    American Association of Bone and Mineral Research (2015)
  • AAA graduate student platform Award
    American Association of Anatomists (2013)
  • ICCBMT Young Investigator Award
    International Conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Mineralized Tissues (2013)
  • Hatton Award
    American Association for Dental Research (2012)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Association of Anatomists (2014)
  • American Association of Dental Research (2012)
  • American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (2011)
  • Orthopaedic Research Society (2017)