Medical School
Harvard Medical School (2013)
Brigham and Women's Hospital (2014), Internal Medicine
Harvard/Brigham and Women's Hospital/Massachusetts General Hospital (2018), Radiation Oncology


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Short-Course Radiation Therapy and the RAPIDO Trial: Too Short, Too Soon?
Jethwa KR, Harmsen WS, Hawkins MA, Kim H, Sanford NN, Wojcieszynski AP, Olsen JR, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2023 Nov 117 3 568-570
Local Control Following Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Liver Oligometastases: Lessons from a Quarter Century.
Mheid S, Allen S, Ng SSW, Hall WA, Sanford NN, Aguilera TA, Elamir AM, Bahij R, Intven MPW, Radhakrishna G, Mohamad I, De Leon J, Tan H, Lewis S, Gani C, Stanecu T, Dell'Acqua V, Hosni A, Curr Oncol 2023 Oct 30 10 9230-9243
Elucidating the Benefit of Radiation Therapy in GI Cancers: Rethinking Trial End Points and Patient Selection.
Sanford NN, Hong TS, Hall WA, J Clin Oncol 2023 Oct JCO2301402
Age-associated disparity in phagocytic clearance affects the efficacy of cancer nanotherapeutics.
Wang Y, Deng W, Lee D, Yan L, Lu Y, Dong S, Huntoon K, Antony A, Li X, Ye R, Zhao Y, Zhao F, Schrank BR, Ha J, Kang M, Yang M, Gong P, Lorenzi PL, Tan L, Gallup TD, Tang SK, Yang Z, Li J, Sanford NN, Wang H, Kim BYS, Jiang W, Nat Nanotechnol 2023 Sep
From Bragg Peaks to Adaptive Fields-The Need for Evidence-Based Adoption of New Technologies in Radiotherapy.
Sanford NN, Parikh SD, Spraker MB, JAMA Oncol 2023 Aug
Screening Implications for Distribution of Colorectal Cancer Subsite by Age.
Lin G, Hein DM, Liu PH, Singal AG, Sanford NN, medRxiv 2023 Jul
Current State and Future Directions of Radiation Therapy for Pancreas Adenocarcinoma.
Gottumukkala S, Salamekh S, Sanford NN, Surg Oncol Clin N Am 2023 Jul 32 3 399-414
ASO Visual Abstract: Colon Cancer Disparities in Stage at Presentation and Time to Surgery for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders: A Study with Disaggregated Ethnic Groups.
Jain B, Bajaj SS, Patel TA, Vapiwala N, Lam MB, Mahal BA, Muralidhar V, Amen TB, Nguyen PL, Sanford NN, Dee EC, Ann Surg Oncol 2023 Jun
The Room Where It Happens: Addressing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in NCTN Clinical Trial Leadership.
Snyder RA, Burtness B, Cho M, Del Rivero J, Doroshow DB, Hitchcock KE, Kalyan A, Kim CA, Lukovic J, Parikh AR, Sanford NN, Singh B, Shen C, Shroff RT, Vijayvergia N, Goodman KA, Kunz PL, J Natl Cancer Inst 2023 Jun
Characteristics and clinical outcomes in young-onset cholangiocarcinoma.
Reddy S, Goksu SY, Sanford NN, Kainthla R, Hsiehchen D, Sanjeevaiah A, Jones AL, Karagkounis G, Al Mutar S, Ahn C, Beg MS, Kazmi SM, Cancer Med 2023 May

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  • Dedman Family Scholar in Cancer Care