Graduate School
University of Rochester (2006), Marriage and Family Therapy
Graduate School
Florida State University (2012), Marriage and Family Therapy


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Linking family and intimate partner relationships to chronic pain: An application of the biobehavioral family model.
Signs TL, Woods SB, Fam Syst Health 2020 Jan
Family versus intimate partners: Estimating who matters more for health in a 20-year longitudinal study.
Woods SB, Priest JB, Roberson PNE, J Fam Psychol 2019 Nov
The Critical Need to Recognize That Families Matter for Adult Health: A Systematic Review of the Literature.
Woods SB, Bridges K, Carpenter EN, Fam Process 2019 Nov
Close relationships as a contributor to chronic pain pathogenesis: Predicting pain etiology and persistence.
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Implementing integrated behavioral health: Testing associations between shared clinical time and space and provider referrals.
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Goal setting in couple and family therapy
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Biopsychosocial theories
Woods, SB APA handbooks in psychology series. APA handbook of contemporary family psychology: Vol. 1. Foundations, methods, and contemporary issues across the lifespan 2019 75-92
In sickness and in health: the longitudinal associations between marital dissatisfaction, depression and spousal health
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PedHITSS: A Screening Tool to Detect Childhood Abuse in Clinical Settings.
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In Our Lives and Under Our Skin: An Investigation of Specific Psychobiological Mediators Linking Family Relationships and Health Using the Biobehavioral Family Model.
Priest JB, Roberson PNE, Woods SB Fam Process 2018 Mar


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Case Studies in Couple and Family Therapy: Through the Lens of Early Career Professionals

Connie Cornwell, Sarah Woods (Ed.) (2020). Routledge

Honors & Awards

  • Excellence in the Media
    American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (2017)
  • Special Recognition Award
    Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (2017)
  • Dissertation Award
    American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (2013)