Graduate School
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (2007), Marriage and Family Therapy
Graduate School
Florida State University (2012), Marriage and Family Therapy

Research Interest

  • Families and health
  • Family-based interventions for primary care
  • Integrated behavioral healthcare
  • Psychophysiological stress mechanisms linking relationships and health


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Relationship Quality and Psychophysiological Distress for Underserved Breast Cancer Patients and Their Caregiver before Treatment.
Roberson PNE, Cortez G, Freeman T, Lloyd J, Tasman J, Woods SB, Psychooncology 2022 Sep
Relational and individual stress pathways linking discrimination and ageing cardiometabolic health.
Woods SB, Strenth C, Day P, Tsewang T, Aparicio K, Ross K, Ventimiglia J, Jetpuri Z, Stress Health 2022 May
Depressed mood and environmental mastery as potential pathways linking family relationship quality and disease self-management for African Americans with hypertension.
Woods SB, Hiefner A, Roberson PNE, Zahra N, Arnold EM, Udezi V, Fam Process 2022 May e12789
'They should walk with you': the perspectives of African Americans living with hypertension and their family members on disease self-management.
Woods SB, Hiefner AR, Udezi V, Slaughter G, Moore R, Arnold EM, Ethn Health 2022 Feb 1-26
Couple and family interventions for depressive and bipolar disorders: Evidence base update (2010-2019).
Wittenborn AK, Woods SB, Priest JB, Morgan PC, Tseng CF, Huerta P, Edwards C, J Marital Fam Ther 2021 Nov
The Biobehavioral Family Model: An Evidence-Based Approach to Biopsychosocial Research, Residency Training, and Patient Care.
Wood BL, Woods SB, Sengupta S, Nair T, Front Psychiatry 2021 12 725045
Discrimination, family emotional climate, and African American health: An application of the BBFM.
Priest JB, McNeil Smith S, Woods SB, Roberson PNE, J Fam Psychol 2020 Jan
Linking family and intimate partner relationships to chronic pain: An application of the biobehavioral family model.
Signs TL, Woods SB, Fam Syst Health 2020 Jan
Family emotional climate and health: Testing conveyance of effects via psychobiological mediators
Woods SB, Roberson PNE, Priest JB Personal Relationships 2020
The development and validation of the FACES-IV-SF
Priest JB, Parker EO, Hiefner A, Woods SB, Roberson PNE J Marital Fam Ther 2020


Featured Books Legend Featured Books

Case Studies in Couple and Family Therapy: Through the Lens of Early Career Professionals

Connie Cornwell, Sarah Woods (Ed.) (2020). Routledge

Honors & Awards

  • Excellence in the Media
    American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (2017)
  • Special Recognition Award
    Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (2017)
  • Dissertation Award
    American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (2013)