Dr. White is the first holder of the Audre Newman Rapoport Distinguished Chair in Pediatric Endocrinology. Recruited to UT Southwestern in 1994 from Cornell University Medical College in New York City, he is a Professor of Pediatrics and Chief of Pediatric Endocrinology at UT Southwestern. Dr. White holds undergraduate and medical degrees from Harvard University. He was a resident in pediatrics at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a research fellow in molecular biology at Rockefeller University. He was on the faculty at Cornell for 13 years and reached the rank of Professor of Pediatrics.

His laboratory has studied the molecular basis of several genetic diseases of steroid hormone synthesis and metabolism. Some of these diseases affect growth, sexual differentiation or the ability to conserve salt in the blood, whereas others cause high blood pressure. He is currently conducting a clinical trial of a drug that blocks sex hormone synthesis in children with one such disease, congenital adrenal hyperplasia. He conducts and collaborates on a variety of clinical and behavioral research in type 1 diabetes, including gene expression in white blood cells of children who have just been diagnosed with this disease, treatment of out of control diabetes (diabetic ketoacidosis), and psychological characteristics, such as depression, that affect control of diabetes.

Dr. White has received a number of awards and honors including the Ernst Oppenheimer Award of the Endocrine Society in 1991, the Mead-Johnson Award of the Society for Pediatric Research in 1996, and the Judson J. Van Wyk Prize from the Pediatric Endocrine Society in 2019. He has served on several advisory committees for the National Institutes of Health and several editorial boards.


Medical School
Harvard Medical School (1976)
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (1978), Pediatrics
Rockefeller University Hospital (1980), Molecular Biology

Research Interest

  • Genetic diseases of steroid hormone biosynthesis and metabolism
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

A Type 1 Diabetes Genetic Risk Score Predicts Progression of Islet Autoimmunity and Development of Type 1 Diabetes in Individuals at Risk.
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Alterations of Cortisol Metabolism in Human Disorders.
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A phase I study of anti-inflammatory therapy with rilonacept in adolescents and adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus.
White PC, Adhikari S, Grishman EK, Sumpter KM Pediatr Diabetes 2018 Mar
Effects of residential summer camp on body mass index and body composition in type 1 diabetes.
Oden JD, Franklin B, Fernandez E, Adhikari S, White PC Pediatr Diabetes 2018 Feb
Camp-based multi-component intervention for families of young children with type 1 diabetes: A pilot and feasibility study.
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Adolescent Information Management and Parental Knowledge in Non-Latino White and Latino Youth Managing Type 1 Diabetes.
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Risk factors for hospitalization of children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
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Honors & Awards

  • Judson J. Van Wyk Prize
    Pediatric Endocrine Society (2019)
  • Best Pediatric Specialists/Doctors in Dallas
    D Magazine (2010) (2016) (2018)
  • Mead Johnson Award
    Society for Pediatric Research (1996)
  • MERIT Award
    National Institutes of Health (1994)
  • The Audre Newman Rapoport Distinguished Chair
    Pediatric Endocrinology (1994)
  • Ernst Oppenheimer Award
    The Endocrine Society (1991)
  • Young Investigator Award
    American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (1984)

Professional Associations/Affiliations

  • American Pediatric Society (2006)
  • American Society for Clinical Investigation (1990)
  • The Endocrine Society (1989)
  • Society for Pediatric Research (1987)