Dr. Michael is originally from Australia where she received her B.Sc.(Hons) and Ph.D. degrees in Psychophysiology. Although initially specializing in human research focusing on vigilance and drowsiness she completed post-doctoral studies under Professor David Spanswick (Monash University) where she learnt patch-clamp electrophysiology and investigated the central control of energy homeostasis. Natalie moved to UTSW to continue working in the hypothalamus under the mentorship of Professor Joel Elmquist.

Research Interest

  • Central Control of Energy Homeostasis
  • Integration of Metabolic Signals within the Hypothalamus
  • Sleep and Wakefulness
  • The Melanocortin System


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Insulin regulates POMC neuronal plasticity to control glucose metabolism.
Dodd GT, Michael NJ, Lee-Young RS, Mangiafico SP, Pryor JT, Munder AC, Simonds SE, BrĂ¼ning JC, Zhang ZY, Cowley MA, Andrikopoulos S, Horvath TL, Spanswick D, Tiganis T, Elife 2018 09 7
The impact of ageing, fasting and high-fat diet on central and peripheral glucose tolerance and glucose-sensing neural networks in the arcuate nucleus.
van den Top M, Zhao FY, Viriyapong R, Michael NJ, Munder AC, Pryor JT, Renaud LP, Spanswick D, J. Neuroendocrinol. 2017 10 29 10
Mitochondrial uncoupling in the melanocortin system differentially regulates NPY and POMC neurons to promote weight-loss.
Michael NJ, Simonds SE, van den Top M, Cowley MA, Spanswick D, Mol Metab 2017 10 6 10 1103-1112
A Hypothalamic Phosphatase Switch Coordinates Energy Expenditure with Feeding.
Dodd GT, Andrews ZB, Simonds SE, Michael NJ, DeVeer M, BrĂ¼ning JC, Spanswick D, Cowley MA, Tiganis T, Cell Metab. 2017 Aug 26 2 375-393.e7
Effects of caffeine on alertness as measured by infrared reflectance oculography.
Michael N, Johns M, Owen C, Patterson J, Psychopharmacology (Berl.) 2008 Oct 200 2 255-60