Graduate School
University of Oklahoma (2013), Counseling
Other Post Graduate Training
University of Oklahoma (2013)
Graduate School
University of Oklahoma (2015), Counseling Psychology
Other Post Graduate Training
University of Oklahoma (2015)
VA North Texas Health Care System (2015), Clinical Psychology
South Texas Veterans Health Care System (2017), Clinical Neuropsychology


Featured Publications LegendFeatured Publications

Cognitive impairment does not cause invalid performance: analyzing performance patterns among cognitively unimpaired, impaired, and noncredible participants across six performance validity tests.
Critchfield E, Soble JR, Marceaux JC, Bain KM, Chase Bailey K, Webber TA, Alex Alverson W, Messerly J, Andrés González D, O'Rourke JJF, Clin Neuropsychol 2019 Aug 33 6 1083-1101
Cross-validation of three Advanced Clinical Solutions performance validity tests: Examining combinations of measures to maximize classification of invalid performance.
Bain KM, Soble JR, Webber TA, Messerly JM, Bailey KC, Kirton JW, McCoy KJM, Appl Neuropsychol Adult 2019 Apr 1-11
Evaluating the accuracy of the Wechsler Memory Scale-Fourth Edition (WMS-IV) logical memory embedded validity index for detecting invalid test performance.
Soble JR, Bain KM, Bailey KC, Kirton JW, Marceaux JC, Critchfield EA, McCoy KJM, O'Rourke JJF Appl Neuropsychol Adult 2018 Jan 1-8
The Dot Counting Test adds up: Validation and response pattern analysis in a mixed clinical veteran sample.
Soble JR, Santos OA, Bain KM, Kirton JW, Bailey KC, Critchfield EA, O'Rourke JJF, Highsmith JM, González DA J Clin Exp Neuropsychol 2017 Jun 1-9
Partnering to understand: an investigation of health disparity in the communities surrounding a university health sciences center.
Bailey KC, DeGrace BW, Arnold S J Allied Health 2014 43 1 3-11


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The Integrative Developmental Model of Supervision. In The International Handbook of Clinical Supervision

Stoltenberg, C. D., Bailey, K. C., Cruzan, C. B., Hart, J. T., & Ukuku, U. (2014). New York, Wiley