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Since October 2021, Dagan Segal has been appointed as Instructor in the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics. Since March 2021, she is also a member of the Cecil H. and Ida Green Center for Systems Biology. Prior to joining UT Southwestern, Dr. Segal received her PhD degree from Weizmann University in Rehovot, Israel.


Dr. Segal currently performs research in Dr. Gaudenz Danuser’s lab in the Lyda Hill Department of Bioninformatics, where she combines in vitro and zebrafish models to study mechanisms of cancer cell plasticity in Ewing Sarcoma. Specific areas of interest include cellular response to microenvironmental cues and the role of Caveolin-1 in cancer cell adaptation. Her work is supported by an EMBO long-term research fellowship.


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The AHR target gene Scinderin activates the WNT pathway by facilitating the nuclear translocation of ?-catenin.
Perez-Castro L, Venkateswaran N, Garcia R, Hao YH, Lafita-Navarro MC, Kim J, Segal D, Saponzik E, Chang BJ, Fiolka R, Danuser G, Xu L, Brabletz T, Conacci-Sorrell M, J Cell Sci 2022 Sep