Graduate School
Abilene Christian University (2015), Marriage and Family Therapy
Graduate School
Saint Louis University (2018), Medical Family Therapy


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Protecting Family Physicians from Burnout: Meaningful Patient-Physician Relationships Are "More than Just Medicine".
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'They should walk with you': the perspectives of African Americans living with hypertension and their family members on disease self-management.
Woods SB, Hiefner AR, Udezi V, Slaughter G, Moore R, Arnold EM, Ethn Health 2022 Feb 1-26
A Multidisciplinary, Family-Oriented Approach to Caring for Parents After Miscarriage: The Integrated Behavioral Health Model of Care.
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"A silent battle": Using a feminist approach to support parents after miscarriage
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Development and validation of the FACES-IV-SF
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Implementing integrated behavioral health: Testing associations between shared clinical time and space and provider referral patterns
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